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Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.a. - Gaudenzio Luciano

Melges and Madonna di Campiglio Together in the sign of Great Sport


04/05/2022 - 07:07

The sea and the Dolomites, sailing and mountain sports, Melges and Madonna di Campiglio. These apparently distant and opposite worlds have never been so close: today what is a new and unexpected collaboration in the name of great sport is born.

Madonna di Campiglio, a name that needs no introduction, one of the excellences of Italian tourism at an international level, fully joins the group of premium partners of the Melges World League international regatta circuit, combining its history with that of one of the most iconic brands loved by sailors and racers from all over the world: the one of Melges Performance Sailboats, the US shipyard based in Zenda (Winsconsin) which, for over 75 years and a family dynasty that has exceeded three generations, offers pure emotions in the form of a one-design racing boat, each of which has established itself and constantly stands out as a real best seller and reference point for all enthusiasts.

Two stories that cross because they share the same passion for excellence, for details that make the difference, for performance combined with beauty, for the desire to make their recipients, be they guests or sailors, experience an emotion and a sense of belonging to something that is unique and inimitable.

Throughout the 2022 season, Madonna di Campiglio brand will be present alongside the Melges World League champions following the competitive "tour" in all the stages of the competitive calendar between May and October, including the two World Championships for the Melges 20 and Melges 32 which will both be in Italy (in Sardinia, in Puntaldia between September and October). Madonna di Campiglio, in addition to special prizes, will make special packages available to all Melges World League sailors to make guests of the Melges world live exclusive experiences made of sport, gastronomy, nature and all-Italian taste in the Brenta Dolomites, both in the winter and in the summer.

Ph. Apt Campigliodolomiti - Bisti Paolo
Ph. Apt Campigliodolomiti - Bisti Paolo

Tullio Serafini, President of the Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board - "We are really excited about this completely new collaboration between the Madonna di Campiglio brand and a sailing icon like Melges. When this path was proposed to us together, we were initially surprised but then we grasped the potential of such a synergy because it is based on the quality and technical level expressed by the Melges World League format and referring to recipients that overlap and coincide perfectly with the public to whom our brand is aimed. We therefore wanted to be alongside people who love sport, nature and the beauty that this can express in every form, be it water, snow or other.
We also think that today more than ever synergies based on solid values ​​shared with partners with a fascinating history like the one of Melges are excellent resources and opportunities that must be transformed into common paths and shared outside the usual schemes; paths that are able to express an enormous potential by crossing the targets of each one in an absolutely concrete way "

Luisa Bambozzi, President of Melges Europe - "Having the name of Madonna di Campiglio at our side with all the weight of history, tradition and excellence that this brings with it has an extraordinary value for us and is a very strong recognition towards our world. Madonna di Campiglio who has always been with 3Tre in the firmament of world sport in the FIS Ski World Cup, alongside the greatest athletes of the past and present, is now also alongside the sailors who have chosen the challenges of the Melges World League . We too, like Madonna di Campiglio, love to create synergies that are never an impromptu spark but a fire capable of fueling the passion for sport that is in the DNA of both brands for a long time. "

The Melges World League 2022 counts on the support of: Helly Hansen, Quantum, North Sails, Garmin and Madonna di Campiglio as well as the technical partners Free Ride Cosmetics, Equilibra, Rigoni di Asiago, Revì, Acqua Cedea, Azienda Agricola il Ponte, Birrificio Petragnolo, Dai Dai , La Bellanotte, Sabatini Gin, Caffè Toscano, FoodNess and le Formiche di Fabio Vettori.
Melges Europe and the Melges World League support the One Ocean Foundation message by signing the Charta Smeralda.

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