Rats on Fire takes its 13th Trophy at the 49 Godo Vela

Rats on Fire takes its 13th Trophy at the 49 Godo Vela

Rats on Fire takes its 13th Trophy at the 49 Godo Vela


01/06/2022 - 07:30

31 May, Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó was held in the waters of Barcelona form 26 - 29 May, 2022. The 49th Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó featured the usual ORC classes and the J70 fleet, and as a novelty the ORC A Dos (Double Handed) class was incorporated, giving projection to this modality for the celebration of the ORC Double Handed World Championship in September 2023 by the Real Club Nàutic de Barcelona. The Double Handed class is a strategic cruise modality that has been experiencing strong growth throughout the world in recent years, and has a large and consolidated fleet of vessels in Catalonia and Spain.

The champions of the international 49th Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy are the Catalan 'Rats On Fire' (ORC 0-1), the Romanian 'Essentia44' (ORC 2), the Uruguayan 'Lady' (ORC 3), the Spanish' Waikiki' (ORC 4-5), 'Noticia' (J70), and 'Smerit' (ORC A Dos-1), and the Dutch 'Yellow Rose' (ORC A Dos-2), and 'Duende 50' (ORC A Dos- mixed crew).

These are the winners of 49th Trofeo de Vela Conde de Godó in ORC ratings:

ORC 0-1:
1º ESP9400 RATS ON FIRE Swan 45- Rafael Carbonell
2º NED7842 SELENE-ALIFAX Swan 42 CS - Massimo De Campo
3º ESP10545 BRUJO Swan 45 - Alberto Castro

ORC 2:
1º ROU1044 ESSENTIA 44 Grand Soleil 44P - Catalin Trandafir
2º ESP9229 ES TES UNNO Dufour 44 - Francisco Soldevila
3º ESP8345 MIAJA X X-41 - Jaime Samon Viñas

ORC 3:
1º URU276 LADY Dufour 40 - Nicolas González
2º GBR234 SAIOLA 10 BH 36 - Vandesande Wim
3º ESP8835 L’OREIG A-35 - Marti Gelabert

ORC 4-5:
1º ESP1043C WAIKIKI J-80 - Jurgen Waldheim
2º ESP5635 esCERT RO 330 (DK) - Manel Medina
3º ESP1156C NACEX J-80 - Agusti Altadill

ORC A DOS group 2:
1º NED7680 YELLOW ROSE X-35 OD - Marten Jan Ringers
2º BEL3501C DIABOLIC SUN FAST 35 (2.15 - Glenn De Brouwer
3º BEL287 IA ORANA X-362 SPORT - Jordi Zaragoza

ORC A DOS group 1:
1º FRA29745 SMERIT Swan 45 - Tito Moure
2º FIN11448 XPRESS XP-38 - Joel Brosa
3º ESP7205 KORRIGAN 4 X-46 SD - Joan Balaguer

ORC A DOS mixed crew
ESP4793C DUENDE IMS50 - Inés Rodríguez

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