Nerea Yacht presents its last creation: NY40

Nerea Yacht presents its last creation: NY40

Nerea Yacht presents its last creation: NY40

Motor boat

31/05/2022 - 21:09

Unique design, quality of finishes, best performances: NY40 is the yacht which better represents the best features of the Made in Italy, balancing naval tradition and technological innovation.

A yacht came out as a small collective work of art, the result of the harmonious work of designers, master craftsmen and technicians.
Following her younger sister's steps - NY24 - ancestor of the range with which the brand has been created and identified, NY40 represents the experiences, legacies and sensibilities of her creators, giving life to a product that marked out more exclusive contents and details.

The new NY40 will be displayed in its world premiere at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, from September 6th to 11th, 2022. Despite its strong sporty character, with a solid and performing hull designed by the engineer Maurizio Zuccheri of the well-known Zuccheri Yacht Design studio, the style of NY40 is characterized by her refined and elegance, extremely recognisable, thanks to the distinctive feature of the designers Alessio Battistini and
Davide Bernardini of the IDEAEITALIA studio, who have signed also this second model of the shipyard from Marche region NY40 is a boat projected into the future considering that it keeps a great respect for traditions: a mix of
modern design and nautical tradition with references to automotive design.

Refinement, balance and elegance, typical of Italian style, are evident in the taut and clean lines, almost sensual with a few signs that characterize and enhance the project, as well as the sides emptied with large windows that lighten and slender the profile of the boat. The hood, with its sporty character, recalls the design of racing cars. The central sundeck, with a residential flavor, is a reference to a villa’s dehor in front of the sea. The teak on the decks, herringbone shaped, provides a clear reference to the tradition of cabinetmaking on board. Polished steel is an ever-present sign of seafaring tradition and synonymous with consistency.

All these elements are the symbols of the Italian tradition of design and tailoring on one hand and the nautical
tradition of motorboats on the other. NY40 can be amply customized with innovative and ecological materials such as ‘oleomalta’ of Oltremateria company, usable both on internal and external surfaces, which allows very high levels of decoration as well as protecting the environment.

The new model will be available in Open or T-top versions and the engine foresees different options both inboard with stern foot and outboard. The heart of this project belongs to its contents, which allow the ones who are lucky enough to try, to fully enjoy their own cruise. On board you are impressed by the armony that surrounds you and the space's livability. First and foremost noteworthy is the aft platform named COSMO. Inspired by the 4 elements: air, water, land and fire, it is a multifunctional platform created in collaboration with Besenzoni.

It features a large fixed portion and three additional steps that can be moved down or up to provide wide elevation. It allows to reach the dock (land), to dive when it is lifted up (air), as well as to become a ladder to enter to the sea (water); it performs all the functions that usually characterize the tender lift, gangway, swimming ladder and platform. Last but not least: the fire is represented by the boat itself and its power. The central sunbed is the main protagonist of the cockpit, whose value is increased by the cushions made by excellent materials, which comfortably seat three people and can become even larger with the conversion of the sofa area. The sunbed, with the electric open system and combined gates, gives access to a great storage and to the engine room below. The perimeter structure, made of tubular steel, is covered with a seamless woven yarn made from a recycled and recyclable material from recovered plastic.

The dining room in the central area is big and convertible thanks to a pair of drop-down teak tables and a large, peaked sofa, allowing six people to dine comfortably. In this area there is a wet bar that can be personalized according to the client's request, equipped by a fridge, ice-maker, electric burner, sink and it is located in order to leave enough space to cook.

A fully equipped cabinet, which can also be customized to the client's needs with a refrigerator, ice maker, hotplate, sink, and cooking space, allows for better organization of meals on board. The high-tech pilot house, intuitive and comfortable, is meticulously well-finished, for both in terms of technology, where advanced navigation instruments are parts of, and aesthetically and ergonomics aspects, thanks to the two totally custom pilot seats with the writing logo style in their own lines.

The large T-Top with a very sporty and sophisticated design extends almost 4 meters in length to protect both the driver's station and the central cockpit area. The easily accessible bow hood with safe and generous side passages provides additional space to relax in a comfortable sunbathing area.
No less important are the volumes dedicated to storage, which are numerous as well as generous, in order to stow all marine equipment, toys, and comfortably cope with multi-day cruises.

“The yacht is becoming less and less an instrument of representation, but more something that the customer wants for himself; it has become a new place to live, an extension of your own home, preserving the pleasure to enjoy the sea and to go fast when necessary."

This is how Alessio Battistini, the IDEAEITALIA architect, talks about the new NY40.
“Our goal has been to enhance the on-board experience: details and materials that you would not expect, with a strong residential taste, important spaces and comfort, paying attention to details, superyacht finishes and materials of the highest quality”.

“Functionality and convenience have always determined alle the aesthetic choices. At the same time, some technical elements, such as the engine air intakes and the bow mooring, have been completely hidden to preserve the extreme cleanliness of the lines and the elegance in its harmoniousness. NY40 was born to stand out and to represent the personality of its owner.

The watchword, even for this second model of the range, is customization. Layout, materials, finishes, engine room equipment: practically everything on this boat is highly customizable, like a tailor-made garment. Let's start from the engine type: in the inboard-outboard version there is both diesel and gasoline options and it is possible to choose between two Volvo Penta V6 280 hp gasoline engines and two 300hp diesel D4 engines, 380hp or 440hp diesel D6 engines: with this last option there is an expected speed of 35 cruising knots and 42 knots maximum.

The interior layout is also extremely versatile and finishes and equipment can be personalized; there are two different solutions both for the bow and for the stern area, managing to offer four different layouts. The interior layout is also extremely versatile and customization means choosing finishes and equipment, as well as two different solutions for the forward area and as many for the aft ones, thus managing to offer four different layouts. In the bow area we can have either the double bed or a comfortable C-shaped sofa, that goes from one broadside to the other, while in the stern area we can choose between the double bed and 2 single beds, which can however be moved and connected into a single bed.

The interior decor is in harmony with the exterior.
A decor with a fresh, impressive and contemporary style with soft pastel colors and matte finishes. The details have been highly sought after, some of them with strong and glossy hues, that give character to
the environment.

Materials and finishes have been chosen to enhance the perception of space and comfort, together with large windows that bring on board plenty of natural light. They also talk about the desire to recreate intimacy and security that we normally experience in our homes.

Open-knit fabrics, oleomalta, soft-touch lacquers and natural leathers enhance our sensorial experience on board and convey that feeling of comfort and relax that we perceive, especially with sight and touch.

“We have included a totally custom duffel bag, an accessory that was born together with the boat and it is a unique part of its interior soul; one bag for each guest, stowable on bulwarks, which is meant to give more personality and taste to the experience on board and create an intimate relationship between the boat and those who are lucky enough to own it" Davide Bernardiniexplains, Ideaitalia designer.

Dario Messina comments on this new model as follows, "NY40 is a project that gives ample space to the creativity and ideas that I share with the designers of IDEAEITALIA. It is the result of a journey that we started together with the intention of expressing an inventive and artistic vein that characterizes and unites us". Thus was born an iconic open, conceived thanks to an accurate study of proportions, just like classic works of art, unique for their formal balance, the play of light and shadow and the harmony of all the elements.
NY40 perfectly identifies the Nerea Yacht brand, which will be able to stand out and be appreciated in the international nautical stage.

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