Algebris 69F Cup 2023, Grand Prix 4 Portoroz

Algebris 69F Cup 2023, Grand Prix 4 Portoroz

Algebris 69F Cup 2023, Grand Prix 4 Portoroz


27/07/2023 - 17:01

The excitement continues as the Algebris 69F Cup 2023 enters its next stage, Grand Prix 4, bringing the world's only existing one-design, monohull, full-foiling circuit for crews to the picturesque shores of Portoroz, Slovenia, guest of the Marina Portoroz. Following the exhilarating races in Malcesine, Italy, the teams and skippers are ready to compete once again, showcasing their skills on Slovenia touristic venue's blue waters from tomorrow, July 28th, until Sunday, July 30th.

 The competition will be fierce, with six teams from five nations vying for the top spot in GP4:

 Oceana (Great Britain) – Skipper: Zac Blomeley, team: Rosgo Banham, Sophie Otter

Marga (Italy) – Skipper: Alessandra Angelini, team: Matteo Pilati, Francesco Rubagotti

Katana Sailing (Switzerland) – Skipper: Alexander De Weck, team: Enzo Balanger, Simone Salvà, Jann Shupbach

Groupe Atlantic Sailing Team (France) – Skipper: Clément Cron, team: Louis Chambet, Valentin Sipan, Jessica Berthoud

CER – Banc du Leman / Ville de Genève (Switzerland) – Skipper: Morgan Lauber, team: Jeanlou Lauber, Luca Bertschy

Rum Runners (Antigua) – Skipper: Rocco Falcone, team: Filippo Amonti, Alice Cialfi

 Filippo Amonti, Team Antigua: "Grand Prix number four is here, today we have the last day of training, then from tomorrow there will be three days of racing with probably very light wind sailing, we are very excited about this event, can't wait to start!"

Louis Chambet, Groupe Atlantic: "Last event in Malcesine we finished on top, so we are back in Portoroz, like last year with the Youth Foiling Gold Cup, to try and replicate what we did last month, let's see what this week brings on".

 The racing schedule includes a maximum of six daily races over three days of intense competition. The daily prizes up for grabs from this Grand Prix onwards include Best Track (shortest course), Top Speed (fastest boat), and Boat of the Day (for the day's winner).

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