Rolex Middle Sea Race

Rolex Middle Sea Race Carroll’s MOD70 Argo crossed the finish line


02/10/2021 - 02:00

Jason Carroll’s MOD70 Argo (USA) crossed the finish line of the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race at 20:39:28 CEST on Sunday 24 October to take Multihull Line Honours in an elapsed time of 33 hours 29 minutes 28 seconds.

Argo has smashed both the existing multihull record of 56 hours 31 minutes 31 seconds, set by Giovanni Soldini’s Maserati Multi70 in 2020, and the outright race record of 47 hours 55 minutes 3 seconds, set by George David’s 27.5m/90ft Rambler in 2007.

Argo crew: Jason Carroll, Weston Barlow, Chad Corning, Peter Cumming, Thierry Fouchier, Charlie Ogletree, Alister Richardson, Brian Thompson.

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