VOR: Statement regarding on-water accident off Race Village

VOR: Statement regarding on-water accident off Race Village

VOR: Statement regarding on-water accident off Race Village


01/07/2018 - 01:34

Dutch police have released an update into the accident that occurred in the waters off the Race Village at Scheveningen Harbour on Thursday evening.

The collision between two motorboats resulted in one fatality and three people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

At the time of the accident, the Volvo Ocean Race boats had already returned to shore and been docked for some time. No Volvo Ocean Race or team personnel were involved in the collision.

According to police, the driver of one of the vessels has been taken into custody, as is procedure. The person driving the other boat was among the injured and will be interviewed by police when appropriate.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing and police say there are numerous witnesses to the incident.

The local organisers of the Volvo Ocean Race Finish The Hague, in consultation with municipal authorities, have decided to continue activities in the Race Village on Friday in appropriate form.

One minute of silence will be held in respect of the victims at 8pm, before Friday night’s concerts.

2200 UTC Thursday -- We are saddened and concerned to learn of a serious accident Thursday evening between two boats on the waters off the Port of Scheveningen, adjacent to the Race Village.

No Volvo Ocean Race or team personnel were involved in the collision.

The Mayor of The Hague and local police confirmed at a press conference on Thursday night that the accident has resulted in one fatality. Three people have been taken to hospital, one in critical condition.

We send our condolences to the family and friends of those involved in the accident.

We are in contact with local emergency services and will support the local authorities on site in any way we can.

Because of the accident, the City decided to close the Race Village early on Thursday night and will make appropriate changes to programming for Friday.


Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague, said:

This evening a terrible accident took place in the Scheveningen harbour. Two boats collided. It concerns a steel motorboat and a so called RIB. On the RIB were eight people: seven guests and the driver. On the motorboat were three people.

The incident caused one casualty. The casualty has been identified. The police have informed the family of the casualty. My thoughts are in the first place with the casualty and the relatives. Today is a very sad day for them.

In addition, multiple people were injured. Three people were taken to the hospital, of which one is seriously injured. Seven people were taken care of on site.

With everything I have in me, I hope they will recover well. Victim support is available to support visitors, public and others if desired. Anyone who wishes to receive support, can go to the Port Office in Scheveningen.

Police and OM will investigate the cause and circumstances of the incident. We wait for the results. I don’t want to and I cannot react to questions regarding this.

The Volvo Ocean Race stopover has been a wonderful event, which The Hague and Scheveningen have enjoyed very much. But this accident throws a dark shadow on it.

For now, I like to thank all emergency services and everybody involved for their work. As soon as we know more, we will inform you.

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