modello k36 e 45

modello k36 e 45

Floating Life: new details about the Series K


01/08/2017 - 13:18

With a significant experience over the past 15 years in new superyacht constructions, yacht management, and over 200 technical surveys done for sales, Floating Life International SA has decided to develop an alternative and innovative full service package system – the first in the yachting industry. 

It is a complete package starting with a project – for the development of both owning company and vessel – custom-made on the specific needs of each client.
Based on a proven tank-tested technical platform (hull plus installations) and “moulded” on the experience in long-term management of private and commercial vessels, Floating Life offers an all-inclusive package comprehensive of technical survey during construction - which can be done in any shipyard guaranteeing the correct quality/price ration, reliability and delivery schedule - and the post-sale yacht management for 4 years after delivery.

Such all-encompassing package has been named as Series-K, brand selected to identify not a specific yacht but rather the ample services for a series of luxury yachts:
.Owning Company Structure
.Semi-Custom Design based on tested construction platforms .International yard Selection
.Construction Survey&Reporting
.Flag/Class Registration
.Crew Selection&Management
.Fiscal&Administrative Management
.Chartering (for commercial vessels)

The common line of all the Series-K is given by the study of the hull, which is primarily focused on the very obvious edge, the cutting of the bow, and the forms, allowing the transom to be more easily adapted to different versions. The family feeling is therefore identifiable in the hull design and technical parts, born from the union between Floating
Life and Studio Sculli in Sarzana (La Spezia) - although the true difference is made by the personal touch each individual customer requires in the superstructure, in terms of layout, interior design and décor, as each project is semi-custom. To even out the philosophy of the Series-K is the concept, based on a platform developed precisely to allow reproduction of the general systems of all range models, aimed at the continuous improvement of quality.

The Series-K is born out of the development of the first model, K40, a “Light Ice Class” Explorer commissioned in October 2015 by an American ship owner with the desire to tackle long polar voyages. The result of this first project is a yacht with a LOA of almost 41m, for a maximum beam of 9m, extremely reliable and easy to manage, with a steel hull, reinforced for the "Light Ice" class, and an aluminium superstructure, all developed on four decks without exceeding 500 GT. This first unit is followed in March 2016, at the request of a European ship owner, by the evolution of K40, K42; designed, planned and built based on the same “Explorer” concept to navigate safely even in the most remote areas and at the most extreme latitudes. K42 is a semi-custom yacht built with materials and finishes of the highest quality, based on the proven platform.

To complete the range, we now introduce K36 and K45

K36 is a boat that easily recalls the work done on K40 especially in regards to the distribution of the superstructure. It is recognizable not only as a reduced-scale reproduction of the first model of the range, but thanks to a more accurate study of the lines, simpler and minimalist to suit best her smaller size. The hull, of the same family as those used for the whole series, plays a fundamental role in terms of the internal volume, providing ample space and the possibility of having on board the same gadgets of K40 albeit on a reduced scale


K45 contrasts the concept developed on K36, trying to exaggerate as much as possible the feeling of elongation of the boat, more lightened in her volumes. The height of the decks is the same; the length is greater but with smaller deckhouse compared to smaller models, and this gives her a sportier appearance, lighter and definitively more attractive. A boat longer and leaner, where more importance has been given to her light weight and to the resulting performance compared to the magnitude of the volumes. K45 will have the same engine, hull lines, technical parts, engine room and systems of the previous models to optimize the production. All such elements have been developed and studied in depth with the naval engineering office Vannini - Oleggini in La Spezia.

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