MY Drifter - Amer F 100 - 2019

MY Drifter - Amer F 100 - 2019

New Amer F100 launched yesterday in Viareggio: a special birthday


13/12/2019 - 10:01

On December 11th 2019 another launch for the Ligurian shipyard organized especially on the birthday of the Owner.

The launch of the second Amer F100 delivered in 2019, the model dedicated to the founder Fernando Amerio while other two hulls are under construction for the next year.
The family yard Permare at its forty-seventh year of nautical activity is now also working on two new models equipped Volvo Penta Ips that will be presented to the press in 2020 and is implementing research and development in the field of the circular economy for the use of eco-friendly materials such as Filava, enriched basalt fiber, energy efficiency and future hybrid applications.

Permare is also studying possibilities to apply hydrogen solutions on board.

Few days ago, Amer Yachts had an interesting meeting at the University of Savona that has interesting solutions for a project in phase of realization.
The new F100 launched yesterday in Viareggio is equipped with 4 Ips of 1200 hp, she has reached the maximum test speed of 30.2 knots.
She has 105% more than the previous model, Amer Quad of equal length, of glazed surface on the main deck, and 38% on the lower deck.
Although the weight of the windows is greater than the fiberglass, the yard has skilfully lightened the hull to keep the original weight of the previous model unchanged.
A challenge, the one of Amer Yachts, started a long time ago with a race to reduce consumption and emissions that will inevitably affect all businesses to support a clean economy.
Also, the Finance has started to pay attention to eco-sustainability matters rewarding and supporting the companies that invest more in research and development related to the Green Deal.
The hulls Amer Yachts are especially sought for the charter activity for the great skills of manoeuvrability, noiseless and low consumption.

In the same week of the launch Barbara Amerio participated at the Nobel week talking about “sustainable development of the territory between economy and well-being describing the scenarios of the West Ligure, resources and opportunities for growth” putting an emphasis on the potential of the blue economy on the West Liguria that is becoming a hub dedicated to recreation”.

MY Drifter - Amer F 100 - 2019
MY Drifter - Amer F 100 - 2019


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