Salvatore Pollio passed away on Monday April 24, 2023, aged 89

Salvatore Pollio passed away on Monday April 24, 2023, aged 89

Salvatore Pollio passed away on Monday April 24, 2023, aged 89


26/04/2023 - 12:45

Much loved by all who knew him, Salvatore Pollio was for many years the heart and soul of the production and work organisation side of Apreamare, the boatyard he founded with Cataldo Aprea in 1988 and a benchmark brand today for classic Sorrento gozzo boats revisited from a modern perspective.

A pragmatic and reserved man with a wealth of boatbuilding experience, Salvatore Pollio was a key figure in the company and a second father to all the craftsmen he personally supervised for many years. At work, he was straight-talking and gifted in his ability to pass on his expertise with grace, kindness and irony. 

When he retired from active duty in the company, he handed over the baton to his daughter Rita, today CEO, and son Tonino, yard director, but never stopped taking an interest in Apreamare and was always excited by the excellent results the company has achieved in recent years.

Business partners, but above all friends, Cataldo Aprea and Salvatore Pollio had complementary personalities – the former volcanic and the latter more reserved – and treated each other with great respect and fondness, but most importantly they designed together the first ever planing gozzo with a fibreglass hull, Smeraldo 7, the first revolutionary example of this hugely successful type of boat for which Apreamare is today known worldwide.

“I like to remember Salvatore as the other half of Apreamare’s heart and soul, a reserved person who preferred to keep a low profile but who was always present and passionate about the business. Without him, our brand wouldn’t be what it is today,” said Cataldo Aprea, Apreamare chairman.


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