More welcoming than ever, the new Flyer 9 of Beneteau

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23/07/2020 - 15:45

This line of Beneteau day boats is currently in its 6th generation and has a strong history. Now, more than ever, the pleasure of driving this boat is combined with comfort of life on boat and ease of navigation. The Flyer 9 completes the Beneteau range of day boats. The model perpetuates the dynamic and elegant features of the Flyer 8. Comfort and space on boats are enhanced thanks to optimized design.

“The Flyer 9 ideally embodies the spirit of the new Beneteau day-boat range,» said Michaël Guinet, outboard product manager at Beneteau. “We have taken the recipe from the previous generation to erase its flaws and optimize the strengths. Staying true to Flyer DNA the new boat further optimises comfort and performance - delivering total enjoyment on the water. Available in either SUNdeck or SPACEdeck variants, the new Flyer 9 builds on the Flyer heritage while demonstrating new levels of innovation and functionality in combination with pure purposeful exterior looks. 

The opening side platform on port is one of the major new features of the Flyer 9, offering sea views and easy access for swimming. The asset is aimed at the most demanding water recreation enthusiasts. Another advantageous feature is that this platform allows for an expanded cockpit. This increased area echoes the optimized space unique to the full Flyer range.

Flyer 9 of Beneteau
Flyer 9 of Beneteau

Swimming for some, sunbathing for others: this is what the Flyer 9 offers with its L shape cockpit convertible into sunbathing. As for the outdoor galley, it guarantees extended outings in the best conditions of comfort. While the Flyer 9 pays special attention to passenger comfort, it does not forget its sporting roots, which it expresses through its slender
lines. With a Suzuki twin-engine, a high 2x250 hp combined with BENETEAU’s famous Air Step 2 hull, the Flyer 9 guarantees the best navigational sensations for its pilot.
The latter is also perfectly protected by the central cockpit at the optimized ergonomic.

Flyer 9 of Beneteau
Flyer 9 of Beneteau

With the Flyer 9 SUNdeck, Beneteau once again demonstrates its mastery of space on board and further enhances the comfort features of the previous generation. Thus, by adopting the wide port forward Smart Walk around borrowed from the Flyer 10, the Flyer 9 offers excellent accessibility to the spacious front deck and great safety. While the Flyer 9 SUNdeck can accommodate in its cockpit, it also features a comfortable cabin, which is particularly large and has two large double berths. The bathroom is another tour de force made by the designers Beneteau, since it proves surprisingly large with a separate shower.

Flyer 9 of Beneteau
Flyer 9 of Beneteau

Functional and ergonomic, the Flyer 9 SPACEdeck displays impressive modularity features that will allow her to meet all the expectations of boaters, whether it’s sunbathing, spending a friendly time with friends, or fishing. Fishermen will appreciate the innovative bow of the boat particularly suited to their practice: a large unobstructed area on the deck, high gunnels guaranteeing safety, with a reduced height of rails to facilitate casting ... Of course, a fishing station is available as an option, as well as rod holders in the freeboard!

The additional seat option will make it a very comfortable front lounge area and is convertible into a large sunbathing platform.
For its part, the cabin also reserves its share of unexpected comfort features on an open hull. The interior space is surprisingly large and includes two berths, and a head.
The Flyer 9 adopts the careful attention to details that contributed to the success of the previous generation of Flyer.
The attention to detail is expressed in the quality of the woodwork and the upholstery. In addition, the various options (ski mast, Bimini on the bow on both versions and rigid T-Top) will further enhance the pleasure of use provided by the Flyer 9.

Flyer 9 of Beneteau
Flyer 9 of Beneteau

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