Bluegame's cross-over soul at the Miami International Boat Show

Bluegame's cross-over soul at the Miami International Boat Show

Bluegame's cross-over soul at the Miami International Boat Show

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16/02/2022 - 12:05

After the success achieved at the autumn boat shows, Bluegame crosses the ocean and participates in the Miami International Boat Show, from 16th to 20th February, bringing the BGX70 and BG42 to the docks of one of the most important international yacht events. Although the two models are different in size and type, they share the project's original milestones: boats that defy any categorisation and embrace different segments, whose owners have one thing in common: they are boat experts and profound connoisseurs of sailing. They recognise the extremely high-performance hull in all sailing conditions, the high-protection walkways, the functional and safe deck operations, and they appreciate the unique layouts, the highest quality of materials and craftmanship.

BGX70 Since her debut in the United States at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show last October, the first model in the BGX range (the X stands for cross-over) has attracted a great deal of interest from visitors and owners, who have given her a very warm welcome. The originality of the exterior lines makes the BGX70 recognisable from afar, and the direct access from the beach area to the salon and owner's cabin gives her an unprecedented interior layout, never seen before in a 70-foot yacht. The main deck offers 360° visibility thanks to the large glass surfaces, which create a single environment, with no interruption of continuity between interior and exterior spaces. The result is a transversal and profoundly nautical yacht, in which one has the impression that it is the sea itself that is furnishing the interiors: this allows a direct connection between the owner and the sea, a favourite element of any Bluegamer.

BG42, The brand's first and historic model is the synthesisbetweenits design vision and the authenticity of living atsea, born from the union of twoparallel worlds, from a revolutionary idea thathaschanged the rules of the sea. The BG42 condenses the essence of Bluegame's multi-purpose boat into just 42': not a walk-around, not an open, not a day-cruiser or a chase-boat, butall of the above. Ithas a large cockpit, a walk-aroundprotected by high edges for safemanoeuvringoperations in open sea and amplevisibilitywhenmooring, thanks to the centralcommand station and the reverse windshield. The layout features the use of the full beam to allow the owner'scabin to be locatedmidship with a king-size double bed and a dining area in the bowthat can accommodate up to six people and which can be convertedinto a double bed.

At the Miami International Boat Show the BGX70 and the BG42 will confirm their cross-over soul and the Bluegame courage to be bold, proudly part of Sanlorenzo Group.


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