Oceanic Yachts is the Fast Expedition Yacht line by iconic Roman shipyard Canados

Oceanic Yachts is the Fast Expedition Yacht line by iconic Roman shipyard Canados

Oceanic Yachts is the Fast Expedition Yacht line by iconic Roman shipyard Canados


01/08/2017 - 13:11

Canados was founded 70-years ago, in 1946, on an ex-Italian Navy hydroplane base. The Italian Navy, coastguards and Italian Harbor Masters commissioned the first vessels built by Canados. At the time, the master carpenters who founded Canados quickly achieved a revered reputation worldwide, resulting in them attracting orders from all over the world. In the mid 50’s, Canados focused on yachting. In 1953, while attending the launch of eight fast patrol boats, the representative of the royal family of a Gulf emirate fell in love with the mastery of the Canados’ carpenters. He enquired if the yard was able to build a yacht for His Highness.

This was a challenge gladly accepted, an opportunity to express their art in a situation where only perfection would be deemed acceptable.

Since then, more than 700 Canados yachts have been delivered around the world to customers of all nationalities. In the seven decades since delivering its first yacht, Canados has continuously strived to remain at the cutting-edge of yacht building technologies, techniques and production processes.

This has led us to become recognized as the masters of composite construction and today we continue to forge forward through employing vacuum infusion, Nomex and many materials used by leading companies in the aerospace sector. While employing processes still considered futuristic by some shipyards, Canados has always remained faithful to the values and secular knowledge jealously protected by craftsmen throughout our heritage.

The birth of the Oceanic Yachts range by Canados is the result of intimate interaction with customers and our constant monitoring of the global yacht market evolution. The vast majority of owners are also seeking a vessel that offers longrange capabilities with low operating costs, but without sacrificing performances. In 2011, we commenced laying the groundwork for a new concept that would meet the following criteria:


- Extended outdoor living spaces

- Generous interior volumes

- Ability to carry large toys and tenders

- High performances

- Ability to cruise at economic speeds with low fuel consumption

- Reduced operating costs


To achieve the above it was necessary to rethink the whole fundamental of the fast yachts concept. Now the time had come to instead consider new technologies and new naval architecture. We designed a completely new hull concept. We named this unique naval architecture concept “Displaning” as it offers the best of both worlds: displacement at speeds under 14-kts and planning above. Displacement speeds offer low fuel consumption and longer range, while planning offers higher performances.

The true genesis of Oceanic Yachts is derived from the understanding of clients’ desires and vigilant monitoring of the continuous evolution of yacht use. Today, yacht owners are wishing to spend increasing time onboard and use their yacht as a platform for waterborne pursuits. The Oceanic 95’ is the production evolution of the 90’ prototype we intensively tested. The Oceanic 95’ delivers the following benefits:


- An ability to cruise in displacement mode at 8-knots, burning an astoundingly low 40-liters per hour for both engines and 75 Liters per hour at 10-knots.

- An unsurpassed ability to carry large toys and tenders including on deck in her market sector.

- A cruising speed of 21-22 knots in planning mode.

- A minimum planning speed of 16.5-knots.

- An athletic top speed of 26/27-knots.

- Oversized entertainment spaces, unmatched by yachts that size.

- Reduced operating costs.

- Luxurious and generous interior volumes.

- Bespoke interior layout and design tailored to client requirements.

The architecture of the Oceanic range has been purposefully designed to adapt to a multiple-use philosophy. Through painstaking research and development, Oceanic Yachts has developed a revolutionary hull concept, one that allows for dramatically reduced running costs with no sacrifice of performance. The result is the “displaning” hull design, making the Oceanic astonishingly efficient at both displacement speeds and planning speeds. Each contributor was encouraged to rethink all the fundamentals of fast hull design, implement new technologies and further develop our strong partnerships with engine and transmission manufacturers.

Together we strove for not evolution, but a true revolution, something never attempted before on this size of yacht… and we achieved it!

For the first time in the history of yachting the concept we term “Displaning” was created. The result is a hull that allows us to reduce consumption figures other brands can only dream of. When speed is required, however, the hull’s two steps–one of which is ventilated by underwater exhausts–reduces hydrodynamic drag, meaning leading performances at planning speed with unrivaled comfort and stability.

Below 16-knots the two steps reduce the buoyancy of the aft portion of the hull, resulting in a reduction of the bouncing movement experienced on other yachts at displacement speeds by up to 70%.


With a rear deck of nearly 60 square-meter (645 sq. feet), the Oceanic 95’ offers larger outdoor spaces than most 40-meter (130ft) yachts. Her aft deck sofas are either fixed or entirely modular, offering multiple seating, sunbathing or partying configurations. Recognizing toy carrying capacity is a priority for some owners, the Oceanic 95’ Fast Expedition can offer not only a transom garage that can accommodate two 3 seater PWCs or a 4-meter tender, but also an on-deck crane of 1,500 kg capacity, used for the launch and retrieval of a tender up to 6-meters stowed on the aft deck. Equipped with a sun-awning system that utilizes removable poles and tensioners that can be installed in minutes, the entire aft deck offers shaded respite from the sun when required. The system can remain in position even when the yacht is running at speeds of 20-knots! Designed to afford breathtaking ocean panoramas from wherever you are onboard, the Oceanic 95 breathes fresh life into your yachting experience…whichever layout you choose.

Available with a top deck wheelhouse and on-deck master suite, or–like the model featured in this brochure–with a top deck owner’s, the upper deck terrace provides additional external outdoor living area. Access to the foredeck is well protected by high bulwarks, making movement forward to enjoy the comfortable lounge in the bow stress-free, even underway. Crew and passenger access to the bow area can also be gained via two pantographic doors in the wheelhouse. The foredeck dinette also converts in a sun bathing area.


Each Oceanic yacht is truly unique. Being entirely bespoke, the interior design will be created, by world famous Venice based Cristiano Gatto Design Studio; a service included in our «specification», or by a designer of the owner’s choosing.

Thus, each Oceanic reflects the aspirations of its owners. Down to the smallest detail, each interior is customized especially for your yacht. You choose the wood species, mood board and styling. The passion we pour into the technical excellence of every Oceanic produced can only be achieved through the implementation of traditional craftsmanship.

At Oceanic, our mission is not to build a yacht for you… but to build it with you. Whether you choose a three, four or five stateroom version, an Oceanic 95’ always addresses the requirements of its owner.

The reduction of operational, maintenance and running costs remains a principal of primary importance with an Oceanic Yacht, while the desire to maintain rapid acceleration and fast speeds remain a priority. This apparently conflicting mandate has led to the solution of building our yachts in advanced composite materials. The method of construction and technology employed is admittedly more expensive than aluminum or steel, but this is far outweighed by its lightweight properties, resistance, and durability. Composite eliminates 100% of the corrosion issues and reduces by 80% electrolysis related problems, all while offering impact resistance two to three times greater than that of steel and aluminum.

While hull and deck are made of GRP, the entire superstructure is made of lightweight Kevlar/Armat which allows lowering the center of gravity.

The incredibly versatile Oceanic 95’ is available in multiple different interior layout versions. Recommended engine packages include twin Caterpillar C32 Acert, twin MTU or twin MAN installations. These can be coupled to conventional propeller shafts, to V-Drives or pod propulsions.

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