Fincantieri: Sustainability plan 2018-2022 published

Fincantieri: Sustainability plan 2018-2022 published

Fincantieri: Sustainability plan 2018-2022 published


17/12/2018 - 15:45

Following approval by the Board of Directors, Fincantieri has published its Sustainability Plan in a dedicated section of its homepage ( This is a milestone in the process undertaken by the company, aimed at disseminating and strengthening the sustainability culture, an increasingly pivotal element to create value in the long term.

The Plan fulfills some of the major global challenges, such as the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals" and embodies Fincantieri strategic vision. Thanks to the integration of the Sustainability and the Business Plan, Fincantieri will be able to handle the answer to today's and tomorrow's markets challenges by combining business growth and financial solidity in accordance with the principles of social and environmental sustainability. 

The document reflects the commitments undertaken by the Group in the four main areas of the Business Plan (long-term visibility, new horizons and markets, innovation, lean production), with qualitative and quantitative targets on sustainability for the period 2018- 2022.
Fincantieri main commitments in the sustainability field  relate to the promotion of a responsible supply chain, involvement of employees, constant improvement of health and safety at work, support of technological innovation, maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, continuous dialogue and support of local communities, reducing environmental impacts and contributing to the fight against climate change.

The report on the achievement of the targets will be regularly provided with the publication of the future Sustainability Reports.

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