The innovative “Light Bridge” Console by Seastema

The innovative “Light Bridge” Console by Seastema

Seastema shows its innovative “Light Bridge” Console at MYS 2019


24/10/2019 - 11:14

“Light Bridge” is the result of Seastema’s most recent effort to develop high pleasing and functional interfaces for the yachts market with the goal to combine efficiency, advanced technologies and aesthetics. The “Light Bridge” wheelhouse is a living space with an open view on the sea; all the bridge commands are integrated in touch monitors with the result to have a pleasing, streamlined and “light” console design. All computers and electronics are installed in an external rack yielding a reduced console in size and complexity.

The “Light Bridge” system provides several advantages for Shipyards:

- Smaller number of cables and reduced complexity of their layout

- Plug ‘n’ Play console

- Standardized interfaces

- Improved design of the wheelhouse

- Integration of innovative technologies

Yacht End-Users will enjoy the innovative “Light Bridge” design:

- More living space and open volumes in the wheelhouse design

- Modern and pleasant appearance

- Harmonized interfaces

- User-friendly commands

- High level of integration, ensuring that all relevant information can be disseminated on-board to any appropriate location

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