Iguana X100

Iguana X100

Iguana Yachts have created the Iguana X100: a 10 metre RIB

Inflatable Boat

08/08/2018 - 22:19

When the luxury brand Iguana Yachts decided to launch a new range of amphibious boats it did so in the knowledge that clients around the world had asked for a more solid, rugged boat, at a reduced price point.
A demanding task for the luxury boat manufacturer. Iguana Yachts took their time to create a whole new brand of functional boats - Iguana X.
A range of rugged boats which will benefit from the luxury brand’s trustworthy amphibious technology. Allowing owners to tackle virtually any terrain and sea condition.
The first model from this new brand is the X100 built on a Rigid Inflatable Hull which reduces production costs and most importantly the final client price, making the boat available to a wider public.

“With a decade of development and technology behind the Iguana Yachts Brand it was natural evolution that lead us to build the X 100 RIB. An easy to maintain, understandable and economical boat with the added value of an unlimited land drive. We have a number of clients who have expressed a need for a strong and functional craft that allows them to access their waterfront home regardless of infrastructure. A utility boat that can be used for watersports, fishing, exploring or simply creating lasting memories on the water. Essentially the Iguana X range is providing a new freedom for boaters. Now any waterfront property owner will have access to a functional versatile amphibious boat.”
Antoine Brugidou, Founder & CEO of Iguana Yachts.

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