Yamaha and Invictus Yacht join forces establishing a new standard

Yamaha and Invictus Yacht join forces establishing a new standard

Yamaha and Invictus Yacht join forces establishing a new standard

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16/02/2021 - 12:12

The power and performance of a trusted brand of excellence and the new platinum standard of sleek Italian yacht design meet as Yamaha and Invictus Yacht forge a new European partnership.

Yamaha Revs Your Heart
Yamaha has been “Revving Your Heart” for over 60 years and the name is synonymous with engineering excellence, reliability and the thrill of adventure. With a focus on breaking the boundaries of performance, Yamaha’s pioneering premium outboard product line is the perfect partner for any luxury brand.

The never-ending drive to provide the most thrilling outboards on the market is what makes Yamaha the leaders of marine innovation. It’s never enough to rely on a longstanding legacy of premium performance, Yamaha’s goal is to provide that heart-stopping thrill of excitement with every push of the throttle and now brings this edge to the lavishness of Invictus Yacht.

Yamaha’s dedicated team of marine specialists provide leading support for each customer and their outboard. Yamaha prides itself on their extensive experience in the marine leisure industry and expert technicians provide world-class, individualised after-sale support through a highly respected network of authorised outboard dealers.

Ambassadors of Opulence
In just a few years Invictus Yacht have become known world-wide for their state-of-the-art, elegant, Italian design which makes them a natural fit to partner with Yamaha’s game-changing technology and muscular, dynamic look. Yamaha’s heritage meets the ground-breaking thinking of Invictus, creating a special harmonious mix that gives the luxury marine customer the best of both incredible worlds.

Invictus is a brand of Aschenz Shipyard boasting more than 20 years of expertise in building boats for a dream lifestyle. Creating an emotional experience through their work is their passion, which is achieved through uncompromising attention to details, excellence in materials and premium after-sales assistance. Almost 100 people are currently employed at the production site of Roccelletta di Borgia (CZ), each dedicated exclusively to client satisfaction.

In addition to their signature half reverse bow design Invictus is known for creating the best emotional experience on the market. Their craft are elegant, sophisticated and best of all, almost entirely customisable to the clients’ needs and desires – your fantasy is their lifework.

Yamaha’s choice to partner with Invictus is a client-first decision to provide an already decerning clientele with the innovation and reliability they deserve. Yamaha’s dedication to technical revolution is unrivalled in the industry providing many exciting world-first engineering developments that optimise performance.

“We are very pleased to start this long term exclusive agreement with Invictus Yacht. Our mission as Yamaha is Kando: giving our Customers experiences of exceptional value thanks to the state-of-the art quality and performance of our products. Together, with Invictus Yacht, we aim to take this to the next level by building packages and pushing the boundaries of Marine development and engineering. Keeping in mind that our goal is to give every customer that strong satisfaction and great boating excitement that will rev their heart,” explains Fabrice Lacoume, Marine Director, Yamaha Motor Europe.

Customers in the luxury market can have confidence that a Yamaha outboard makes every voyage a thrill with all the power needed for never ending adventure or leisurely elegant outings.

Unconventional Luxury
The distinctive features of award-winning designer Christian Grande have quickly placed Invictus crafts at the pinnacle of the high-end boating market. An Invictus means combining all the functions of a premium GT boat with impeccable style and considerable attention to detail ushering in a new era of opulence.

Grande is thrilled Invictus has partnered with Yamaha to raise the appeal of his creations to a wider section of the elite marine customer base.

“We are talking about sporty, confident customers, who want to be recognised in a "muscle-flexing" boat, parading the power of the propulsion system,” explains Grande.

Marco Zuccola, Sales Manager of South Europe for Invictus Yacht, adds on to Grande’s vision in relation to the partnership with Yamaha: “We are very proud of the new commercial agreement with Yamaha Europe, related to the direct supply of the outboard motors that will possibly equip the Invictus products of the T range and the Capoforte collection.We consider Yamaha a partner of absolute reliability and prestige, with an extensive and well-organised service network and e xcellent products. We are sure this partnership will lead to commercial success and meet our customers’ needs and desires”. 

Yamaha Outboards are available in two current Invictus lines:

•    T Range: These luxury offerings are characterised by being extremely customisable, inside and out, with every detail on that design board. The introduction of outboard motors gives them an energetic, sporty feel. The flagship V8 engine combines unrivalled power, torque and speed with cutting-edge technology and performance. Not unlike the Yamaha V6, the T Range is all about elegance while delivering premium performance and seamless incorporation. All options bring Yamaha’s exclusive features to the drafting table including smoother and more precise Digital Electric Steering (DES), TotalTilt function and various outboard colour options.

•    Capoforte Range: No need to sacrifice luxury for nimbleness with these vessels that were inspired by the Italian coastline. This is the recreation line of smaller craft available with either the powerful new V6 engine line or the classic, smooth running, powerful yet quiet performance of the Yamaha 200hp – 70hp engines. These boats are designed for discerning owners who are passionate about the ocean and their recreation, without wanting to sacrifice the sportier aspects of an open day boat.

When decades of engineering excellence and luxury aesthetics meet, everyone wins
Seamless integration occurs when boat builders have industry leading components to work with from inception which is exactly what the Yamaha, Invictus relationship enables. The customer gets the joy of a luxury product custom built to suit their needs with the peace of mind of knowing that every detail has been planned, providing quality assurance from day one.
When two esteemed companies bring their resources together is when exciting things happen. Combine the cutting-edge technology and trusted quality of Yamaha and the exhilarating design, grandeur and dynamism of Invictus Yacht together and new kind of greatness is born, creating the most prestigious boating experience available in Europe. La Dolce Vita indeed!

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