Make way for Lomac Turismo 7.0, the boat that didn’t exist before

Make way for Lomac Turismo 7.0, the boat that didn’t exist before

Make way for Lomac Turismo 7.0, the boat that didn’t exist before

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By Lomac
16/11/2022 - 16:46

Lomac enchants visitors to the Genoa Boat Show with the revolutionary Turismo 7.0, which aims to redefine and raise standards across the whole “seven-metre” segment. The new model marks the start of a wider ranging project to evolve the entire Turismo range.

The Milan-based yard led by cousins Paolo and Fabrizio Lo Manto chooses the Genoa International Boat Show to unveil the new seven-metre Turismo 7.0 to both the public and the international press, with the aim of turning it into a new benchmark in this length segment and charting a new direction for the universally loved Turismo range.

Over the coming four years, Lomac will in fact be working to redefine the entire Turismo series, backed by expertise and investment in high-end research, development and design. “After realising that the innovations introduced for the Granturismo and Adrenalina hulls resulted in boats that perform far better than anything we’ve seen so far, we understood that the time had come to apply the same type of development process to the smaller ranges too,” said Paolo Lo Manto.

Project development involved yacht designer Federico Fiorentino, who has once again succeeded in the difficult task of creating a high-performance, innovative boat, despite the compact dimensions. The resulting unprecedented hull design is styled with a military look featuring bold, muscular shapes and the extensive use of steel.

Make way for Lomac Turismo 7.0, the boat that didn’t exist before

Designed for family use, but ideal for young couples too or as a tender, the new Turismo 7.0 features the immediately visible, heavy-duty aspects of a boat that can face any challenge on the water and promises to impress with its high-performance hull, which features a vertical stempost and is comfortable and dry in all weather and sea conditions. The high freeboard also ensures excellent safety so that guests have a sense of being protected by a warm “embrace”.

The deck of the new 7.0 is extremely functional and follows the tradition of Mediterranean boats by providing forward and aft sun pads, the latter of which can be converted into a dinette with a central table and U-shaped seating for 6/8 guests on board.  The helm station features highly sophisticated pilot and co-pilot seats that are sporty and stable, but also very useful when the boat is facing rough seas. The console, which has an ergonomic, rational and clean design, contains a fridge unit.

“At the level of design,” explains Federico Fiorentino, “we wanted to introduce the concept of contemporaneity by using some very special modelling techniques. The teak deck seams, for example, were designed using parametric modelling. This type of modelling makes it possible to create shapes and arrange them in space based not only on the taste and perception of the designer, but also on specific mathematical parameters and formulas, resulting in two levels of interpretation that the viewer perceives but is unable to decode, producing a very interesting experience for people looking at the boat”.

So far as the colours are concerned, Turismo 7.0 will be available in two versions: one more Mediterranean featuring shades of white and grey, plus a more Nordic version in darker colour tones.

Make way for Lomac Turismo 7.0, the boat that didn’t exist before

The first Turismo 7.0 unit is fitted with a 250 hp Mercury engine, but there is also the option of a 200 hp outboard to keep performance high but at a lower cost. “Federico Fiorentino has shown us how to build hulls that achieve exceptional performance even without “monstrously” powerful engines,” adds Lo Manto, concluding:“Our goal with this type of boat isn’t to deliver jaw-dropping speed at any cost, but to offer a safe, high-performance hull in any sea conditions, for typical pleasure boating activities and an owner who loves to spend time with family and friends.It is no coincidence that this type of development has been used for the Turismo range, which is one of Lomac's best sellers.”

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