Lomac Granturismo 12.0

Lomac Granturismo 12.0

The best of Lomac at Boot in Düsseldorf in the prestigious Hall 5

Inflatable Boat

By Lomac
06/12/2022 - 17:04

Lomac will be among the protagonists of the next Boot in Düsseldorf with a stand of over 200 square meters in the prestigious hall 5 of the “Superboats”. The three lines most loved by fans of exclusive and high-performance inflatable boats will be there: GranTurismo, with the 12.0, Adrenalina, with the 10.5, and Turismo, with the new 7.0, the best offer in the 7-meter category, premiering for the Northern European public.

Lomac, the Lo Manto family’s Milanese shipyard which leads in the construction and marketing of pneumatic design boats characterized by high performance and build quality, will welcome customers and enthusiasts at the next Boot 2023 in Düsseldorf, scheduled from the 18th to the 26th of January, in an extraordinary exhibition area of ​​over 200 square meters in the Superboats pavilion (Hall 5) dedicated to luxury ribs and tenders and chase-boats of the most prestigious brands. Two of its most loved and desired models will be on display - the GranTurismo 12.0 and the Adrenalina 10.5 - in addition to the new "entry-level" of the revamped Turismo range: the 7.0. The latter, 7.5 meters in overall length, has already enjoyed attention at the recent Cannes and Genoa shows, so much so that it has become the new reference point in the segment as it marks a new course for one of the brand’s most loved series.

The new Turismo 7.0 makes a strong first impression, designed by Federico Fiorentino – who also architected the bespoke hull lines – for use with the family, for young couples or as a tender. She is eye-catching, appears ready for any challenge and promises to amaze with its high-performance hull, with a comfortable and “dry” vertical bow wheel in all sea conditions. The deck in the new 7.0 is extremely functional and respects the standards of a Mediterranean boat with sundeck at the bow and stern, the latter convertible into a dinette with a central table and "U" seating for 6/8 guests on board. The pilot station, on the other hand, has two sophisticated seats for pilot and co-pilot, sporty and containing, but also very useful when the boat has to face the rough sea. The console, ergonomic, rational and with a clean design, houses a refrigerator cabinet inside.

The GT12.0 of the GranTurismo line is a boat that represents the top of the Lomac range and is designed to create a perfect synthesis of design, comfort and performance for all those who are looking for performance and sportiness, but do not want to give up comfort, roominess and safety. , nor to an aggressive and streamlined aesthetic. Attention to detail is another strong point of this maxi-rib, also highly sought after as a luxury-tender, which offers a wide choice of materials and customization possibilities.

Also at the show will be the flagship of the shipyard's sports range, the Adrenalina 10.5. Outstanding performance, control and seakeeping combine with a unique and captivating design. Speed ​​and safety are guaranteed by uncompromising construction quality: vacuum infusion lamination, neopentyl gelcoat, reinforcement aramidic fibers, hulls optimized through CFD studies. The Adrenalina line is perfect for a group of friends, for one or more couples, but also for a dynamic family who loves speed but does not lose sight of safety..

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