First Magonis Showroom  opening at Marina Vela Barcelona

First Magonis Showroom opening at Marina Vela Barcelona

First Magonis Showroom opening at Marina Vela Barcelona


31/05/2022 - 10:47

One year after presenting its fully electric Wave e-550 at the 2021 Venice Boat Show, Magonis has opened its first showroom in Barcelona. The new space is located at Marina Vela – the city's premier boating destination. 

Mathieu Quintart, Founder and COO of Magonis, said: "We decided to open our own showroom and create a physical space for boat enthusiasts to experience Magonis. Making an innovative interior design that would be both fun and interactive, we included a Magonis that floats within an Inox cube, symbolizing its lightness. We're proud of our showroom and look forward to welcoming our potential clients from Barcelona and across the globe".

At Marina Vela, visitors can tour the new showroom, test drive the Magonis Wave e-550 and learn more about pure electric boating and its impact on sustainability. This is the first showroom of its kind and offers an exclusive look at the Magonis brand. Moreover, the team also offers a Q&A session, where they can help customers design their future Magonis boats. The showroom is conveniently located just steps away from the marina's pristine waters, where boaters can experience the power, performance, and comfort of the Wave e-550.

The address of the new Magonis showroom is: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 103, R04, 08039 Barcelona

Magonis appoints Marion Vitrat as new Chief Marketing Officer.
In addition to opening its new showroom, Magonis recently welcomed Marion Vitrat as its new CMO. Based in Barcelona and with over ten years of digital marketing experience, Marion now leads a cross-functional team at Magonis and uses her marketing and advertising insights to push the company forward while executing its growth strategies.

Marion Vitrat, CMO at Magonis, said "My job is to increase our brand and product awareness and create the perfect experience for our customers. There's a huge opportunity in sustainable boating, and our pure electric boat is a perfect answer to the environmental issues petrol boaters face. We're here to offer boat lovers greener navigation, with all its benefits, including no fumes or noise, while also keeping the features they love: power, responsive driving, and comfort!" 

First Magonis Showroom  opening at Marina Vela Barcelona
First Magonis Showroom opening at Marina Vela Barcelona

Magonis in numbers

Prior to the launch of Magonis' new Barcelona showroom, the company kicked off its 2022 European roadshow in Copenhagen, from April 28th through May 1st, at which Magonis hosted over 80 people and was fully booked with 43 test drives.
Now, the company is focused on reaching new markets and producing boats at its shipyard in Figueres, Spain, before shipping them across North America, Europe, and Asia.


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