The ClubSwan 36

The ClubSwan 36

Swan One Design looks ahead with the new Clubswan 36

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09/11/2018 - 12:36

With the conclusion of The Nations Trophy Mediterranean League 2018 and recent Rolex Swan Cup, the team behind the Swan One Design programme and ClubSwan series of yachts can look back with satisfaction at a job well done so far and the prospect of a bright future.
Racing this season among all the Swan One Design classes has been of the highest calibre, reflecting the passion and commitment of the owners and the tireless efforts of the organizing authority and race management personnel to ensure fair racing between equal boats at the best venues.
Taking look at the Rolex Swan Cup, in particular, 35 of the 110 participating yachts raced in One Design configuration, in the ClubSwan 50, Swan 45 and ClubSwan 42 classes. Each class completed 10 races, including one long-islands coastal course. No discards were allowed meaning all races counted and the pressure was on from the outset to perform, and to perform at a consistently high level, especially if one had ambitions of a podium place. It was real time racing at its very best.
Have a look at all the Analytics of the ClubSwan 50 Class at this link.
Almost half of the yachts across the three classes scored a race victory. Three-quarters of the fleet was on the podium in at least one race. The notion that all boats are competitive, have the opportunity to fight for the top positions in the regatta, and that the difference is in crew work, is not easy-talk. Establishing this type of level playing field requires professional management, an understanding of the owners’ motivations for participation and control of running costs.
And the ambition of the Swan One Design team does not end with the racing. Already, it has demonstrated its belief in the long-term merits of this direction by introducing the ClubSwan 50. Innovative thinking, sharp-lines and the prospect of a consummate racing experience led to the rapid and continuing growth of this model, introduced in 2016.
After the great success of the ClubSwan 50, with 26 yachts sold and the extraordinary ClubSwan 125 in construction now, Nautor’s Swan is taking the next step of bringing into the ClubSwan line and ‘entry-level’ model that will offer innovative solutions to controlling crew size, offering responsive, exhilarating sailing and providing a fresh, turn-key entry into the world of Swan One Design.

The ClubSwan 36 is well underway, with a prototype due to be launched in January 2019. Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, the architect of the ClubSwan 50, the ClubSwan 36 benefits from a project team that is brimming with talent and experience:

-Nautor’s Swan:    Enrico Chieffi, Vice-President Nautor’s Swan, has been a key component in Swan success story since 1998; former Olympian and America’s Cup sailor.
-Lead Naval Architect:    Juan Koujoumdjian has a reputation for creating innovative designs, like the ClubSwan 50 and ClubSwan 125, that leverage technological change and opportunities into breakthrough performance.
-Product Line Leader:    Philippe Oulhen, a highly-regarded project lead in the performance yachting arena, is working closely with Nautor’s Swan and JYD on the ClubSwan 36 project and the ongoing development of the ClubSwan overall line.
-Project Manager:    Peter McCloskey has been involved in Nautor’s Swan Customer Care Management in the USA since the early 2000s and was deeply integrated in the development of the highly successful ClubSwan 42.
-Measurement:    Andrew Yates, a consultant at the RORC Rating Office, is the Chief Measurer for the ClubSwan 50 among other performance classes.
-Engineering:    Giovanni Belgrano and his team at Pure will apply engineering rigor to develop and assess the technology suitable for this design; shaking out all issues before manufacturing, developing unproven technologies and testing.
-Rig:    Hervé Devaux , a forerunner in the introduction of aeronautical computation software to design, has a track record of working with top offshore racing yachts; and, he is the developer of Ophelia, a calculation tool with dynamic simulation capabilities able to reproduce external phenomena.
-Deck layout:    Juan Pablo Marcos is a professional sailor and qualified naval architect, experienced in world of high performance sailing, including TP52s, Volvo 70s, Superyachts and J Class.

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