Nautor’s Swan 48

Nautor’s Swan 48

Nautor's Swan Route to the 59th Salone Nautico 2019

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22/09/2019 - 21:20

At Salone Nautico, from September 19th to 24th 2019, Nautor’s Swan will continue its journey in Mediterranean waters, arriving in Genoa with the newest models of the fleet: Swan 48, presented as a worldwide première in Cannes, the Swan 65 and the Swan 78. 
The 3 Swan models won’t be alone during this event, the innovative and highly technological ClubSwan 36 will be present for her Worldwide début with a dedicated lounge.
Clubswan Lounge
Nautor’s Swan is delighted to welcome its guests to the ClubSwan lounge, located at the entrance of the show.
This area, coming from the drawing table of the Architect Misa Poggi, will be a celebration of the ClubSwan World, in its entirety: Events and Yachts.
It’s in this beautiful location that our guests can come and visit the new born ClubSwan 36.
Clubswan 36
Launched last May, during the Nations Trophy Med League, in the beautiful setting of Marina di Scarlino, where Nautor also launched its Sustainable commitment with its first plastic free regatta, ClubSwan 36 will race for the first time at The Nations Trophy in Palma, this coming October.
The foil-assisted ClubSwan 36, designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, brings the fun and excitement of dinghy and keelboat racing while offering a direct entry into one of the most desirable clubs in the yachting world and top level racing environment. The innovative design boasts a flush deck, open cockpit and retractable bowsprit, a chamfered bow and a transverse sliding C-foil. The carbon rig provides plenty of tuning opportunities while racing this innovative entry-level sports boat.

The ClubSwan 36 C-foil is symmetrical, residing in an unobtrusive, internal trunk. With the boat weighing  2.5 tonnes, it is very fast downwind. Upwind the foil efficiently creates side-force turning the keel fin into just a bulb holder and, the drag downwind will be minimal.
The C-foil is deployed using a block-and-tackle system. Downwind it becomes a central component in determining optimal trim.   Generating some side force when the boat is heeled means it is a boat that responds positively to heeling downwind. This has advantages in getting the twin rudders in line with the water flow. 
While the foil will cause most heads to turn, the more interesting aspect is probably the rig. The mast has only one set of spreaders to allow more flexibility and a wider range of tuning options. It is deck-stepped and setting the rake will be a critical component of both upwind and downwind sailing. The position of the mast base is adjustable to change the mast’s behaviour when runners are loaded.  The shroud bases are further forward than one might normally expect and the mainsail is a key element in the structure.
All in all, the rig is where the fusion between dinghy and keelboat sailing is clearest. In light winds the sails can be deepened to increase power; in a breeze, the sails can be flattened to depower. It is a mast that encourages experimentation and will appeal to the technically minded.
Nautor’s Swan has partnered with BMW and Torqeedo to deliver a new high-performance and fossil fuel-free sailing experience.
Torqeedo has developed an inboard version of its proven Cruise 10.0 electric drive system as auxiliary propulsion for the new ClubSwan 36 one-design racer by Nautor’s Swan.
The highly efficient, 20 horsepower equivalent Cruise 10.0 electric drive is clean, quiet and emission-free, powered by state-of-the-art lithium batteries with technology by BMW i. The propeller is retracted while racing but can be deployed while under sail. The spinning propeller acts as a hydrogenerator, producing electricity to charge the system’s batteries and reducing dependence on shore supplies. The system is controlled with an unobtrusive side-mount sail throttle and onboard computer with GPS, state of charge, and real-time range and runtime calculations.
Technology transfer between industries and applications makes both stronger. Torqeedo’s partnership with BMW started with the recognition that their lithium batteries delivered an unbeatable combination of energy density, long-life and safety,” said Dr. Christoph Ballin, CEO of Torqeedo
The high-capacity batteries from BMW’s i3 and i8 automobiles already deliver the proper voltage for Torqeedo’s DEEP BLUE 25kW – 100kW motor systems and are fully integrated into those systems. Torqeedo also upgraded the energy density of low-voltage batteries with BMW’s cell module technology. The Power 48-5000 battery used in the ClubSwan 36 boasts a 70% higher energy density and a 50% longer cycle life than a typical marine lithium battery. Torqeedo adapted BMW’s cell modules to supply the 48 volts required and to suit the rigors of the marine environment, then fully integrated them into the system management and safety protocols of the Cruise motor system.
The superior characteristics of BMW’s battery technology allow Torqeedo to offer an 8-year capacity warranty, unprecedented in the marine industry. For extended motoring, range may be extended by installing additional batteries or a generator. 

The designer Kouyoumdjian
The designer Kouyoumdjian

The designer’s view 
"The ClubSwan 36 is a statement. It offers a style of sailboat racing that combines performance and innovation within an environment of traditional, close contact sailing, all the while remaining accessible to amateurs,” explains Kouyoumdjian. “The ClubSwan 36 should be regarded as a big dinghy, more so than a smaller version of a big yacht. Combining a very light configuration, a very versatile rig and a curved foil allows the boat to have several modes of sailing depending on the conditions. From achieving negative leeway upwind to skimming, foil-assisted off the wind, this boat has all the tools required to provide an avid racing sailor the feelings and emotions of yacht racing at its best".  

Next 8-12 October 2019 the bi-annual Nations Trophy event, will be held in Palma de Mallorca which is committed to revitalizing the concept of competition between nations, maintaining the spirit of gentlemanly competition.
The Swan One Design class includes the debutant ClubSwan 36, ClubSwan 50, ClubSwan 42 and Swan 45 Classes.

2020 sees the Finnish brand racing in Northern Europe, with the Swan European Regatta taking place in Turku on July 7th and in US, after last June success, with the Swan American Regatta, again in Newport (RI) with the professional and inimitable support of the NYYC.
Next September, from 7th to 13th we will be waiting for you for the unmissable appointment with the Rolex Swan Cup in Porto Cervo.

In addition, the boat shows season started with Cannes, will see us participating to Salone Nautico, (Genoa, September 19th – 24th), with the Swan 48, 65 and 78, and ClubSwan36, the Monaco Yacht Show (September 25th – 28th), with our flagship Swan 115 – Highland Fling 15; the Annapolis Boat Show (Annapolis, (USA, October 10th to 14th) with Swan 48 for the US Première; the Boot(Duesseldorf, January 18th to 26th, 2020) and more is yet to come.

Mr Enrico Chieffi, Vice President of Nautor Holding, will give a complete overview of Club Swan World on occasion of the Press Conference, on September 20th at the Nautor’s Swan Lounge at 4pm.

Partners of Club Swan lounge will be Bottega Conticelli with its luxury leather accessories, with a unique style and quality, representing the Italian excellence, will be part of our décor; Braid’s furniture in natural fibers, wood and aluminum, following the antique artisan traditions and skills of the Made in Italy, have been chosen to decorate the stand and ACI Sail.

ACI SAIL Nautor’s Swan chooses Genoa as the venue to announce the first worldwide ClubSwan 36 Training Centre by ACI Sail.
ClubSwan 36 Training Centre, with a fleet of 6 ClubSwans, situated on the coastline of Croatia, offers unique sailing experience using latest foil-assisted sailing boats operated by enthusiastic sailing experts with experience in Olympic sailing.

The aim is to thrill their clients and enhance all their senses while sailing fast and safe in crystal clear Adriatic waters surrounded by thousands of islands.
The training academy, intended both for passionate individual sailors and corporate clients, is a one- of-a-kind centre of excellence where you can sail on Nautor’s latest Club Swan 36. In addition to the best sailing boats and gear available, the unique sailing conditions in the Croatian Adriatic provide the best possible training platform worldwide. Intended for sailing enthusiasts and teams up to 36 people at once, ACI Sail offers training sessions to prepare its customers for new racing challenges and major trophies.

Nautor's Swan Stand C06
This year Nautor’s Swan doubles its presence in Genoa.
After stopping by the Nautor’s Swan lounge and being captured by the amazing world around the sport of sailing, guests will be welcomed at Stand C06, where the Finnish brand teams up with its Italian agents.

The models on display during the Italian boat show are the expression of the Swan Spirit, translatable into the love of freedom, appreciation for nature and above all in the sport of sailing, either racing and cruising around the world in total safety and fun.
This is Nautor’s and with the quintessence of the fleet, on display in Genoa, the brand wants to share its own world, made up of globetrotter owners, travelling the seven seas sails unfolded, choosing their own way to see the world and exploring unconventional destinations always onboard a Swan.


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