Neel trimarans maintains its investment projects

Neel trimarans maintains its investment projects

Neel trimarans maintains all its investment projects and restart

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16/04/2020 - 19:31

All the necessary safety measures to protect employees having been put in place, Neel trimarans has decided to gradually restart production in its plants since April 14, 2020. 
Neel trimarans will be one of the first companies in the nautical industries sector to resume production. This choice is motivated by three main reasons:
To keep the confidence of our customers, to satisfy them by delivering their orders...
Allow employees to recover 100% of their salary,
Participated in the national effort to revive economic activity.
Neel trimarans is a healthy and economically solid company, it maintains in this exceptional context, all its investment projects.
The company is investing more than 4 million euros in 2020 for the construction of two new factories and for the creation of its new range of Leen trimarans motorised trimarans. With this in mind, Neel trimarans took care in 2019 to strengthen its equity capital by welcoming two participation funds to its capital. 
The consolidation of its organization allows the continuity of the development of a company whose growth rate has been above 2 digits for several years.

Neel trimarans (2020 turnover : € 15M, 120 employees) has decided to strengthen its equity with its first capital opening to two investment funds to pursue its development.
The world leader in cruising trimarans has just completed a 2-million-euro fundraiser, thanks to the participation of two partners: The Océan Participations branch of Crédit Mutuel Océan and Aquiti Gestion (via the PCE and NACO funds). These two investment funds have thereby become minority shareholders in this fast-growing company in Charente-Maritime.

Led by Eric Bruneel and its partner Christian Mocquery, the La Rochelle-based SME Neel trimarans is constantly looking to develop.
From single-unit production at the time of its creation in 2010, through to mass production in 2020, Neel trimarans has continued to develop, now producing 30 units per year, across all models. The company has become the world leader in the construction of series cruising trimarans and a key player in multihull building.

In 2019, Neel trimarans made its first acquisition, purchasing TechniYacht located at La Rochelle harbour. This unit will now produce large trimarans and NEEL 47 bridges, roofs and partitions. Thanks to the construction of two new sites at La Rochelle harbour in 2020 and the launch of a new range of trimarans with Leen trimarans engines, the company has all the means for its growth projects.

Believing strongly in the need to develop its range of sail trimarans and launch a new range of engine trimarans, the two Neel trimarans partners have decided to join forces with Océan Participations and Aquiti Gestion to:
● Support the pace of growth and projects launched in recent years
● Start the construction of two new plants on the La Rochelle harbour
● Make the 1st engine-driven trimaran of the new Neel trimarans range.
● Strengthen the sales teams to gain ground in new markets
The regional investors, Océan Participations and Aquiti Gestion, in support of Neel trimarans, carried out a very detailed audit of Neel trimarans's capacity to continue its growth.

Pierrick Charrot, Investment Officer at Océan Participations : "We wanted to support Neel trimarans for several reasons. The first being the high quality of their managers and staff, which are operating in an extremely healthy company climate with a real shared vision for their strategy. We were also attracted by its innovative products in the world of multihulls and the group's ability to be pro-active in its industry with a strong ability to innovate. Lastly, Neel trimarans is opening up major potential for export thanks to Neel trimarans' wide recognition of quality and performance across the world".

Regis Lucas, Deputy Director of Aquiti Gestion: "We believe in Neel trimarans’s growth path, which is based on a range of boats that have been very successful worldwide, and in the management team’s extensive experience in the boating industry. We are pleased to contribute to this by supporting a management team led by Eric Bruneel and Christian Mocquery with their business vision and market knowledge. We are proud to help Neel trimarans emerge as key player in the sector".

Eric Bruneel, President of Neel trimarans : « Our investors are targeting companies that have made innovative and daring products part of their strategic development. Anticipating, innovating and improving while maintaining its track record is the spirit of Neel trimarans, which combines advanced industrial processes with unparalleled manual craftsmanship. Aside from the financial aspect, we chose these partners for their regional presence as well as their wide availability and quality of their Boards, who have gained our trust".

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