Outremer 52 launches at Cannes Yachting Festival

Outremer 52 launches at Cannes Yachting Festival

Outremer 52 launches at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

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07/09/2022 - 12:19

A new addition to the Outremer series was announced this morning at Cannes Yachting Festival, France. Inspired by the Outremer 55 and successor to the legendary Outremer 51, the Outremer 52 combines the best of two of the shipyard's iconic models to deliver the new standard in ocean cruising. Speaking at the presentation, Outremer CEO, Xavier Desmarest said “We are delighted to present our new catamaran at the biggest European boat show, a sailboat boasting levels of performance and comfort never achieved before. Outremer's goal is to help each and every person, whether an experienced sailor or not, to attain their dream of sailing long or short term. The Outremer 52 is a manifestation of this, carefully designed based on the feedback from owners and friends of the brand. It is on board our safe, seaworthy and comfortable catamarans that the shipyard promises to accompany all owners at each stage of their project.”


The Outremer 52 has been designed based on the observation of the owners' needs and uses. While performance and safety have always been the basis for the design of Outremer catamarans, simplicity of navigation and quality of life on board are the two essential components that completes the specifications of Outremer teams. Surrounded by the best naval architects (VPLP), and great names in French design (Patrick Le Quément, Darnet Design, Saguez & Partners), the Outremer shipyard has engineered a smart and seaworthy boat for the ultimate bluewater cruising experience.

Outremer 52 launches at Cannes Yachting Festival


Since the performance of a catamaran is largely determined by its weight, ingenuity was required to build the structure of this new model. An innovative technology developed by the Gunboat shipyard (also a member of the Grand Large Yachting Group), has made it possible to reduce the weight of the structure, while maintaining a high level of resistance. This has made it possible to increase the glass surfaces and openings in the boat that allows crews the reassuring benefit from increased visibility during navigation, regardless of their position in the saloon or cockpit.

The Outremer 52 is a reliable boat that is easy to maneuver, whether sailing offshore or in port. It adapts to all weather conditions and crews, large or small, for a reassuring navigation experience. The controls can be brought back to the cockpit to avoid having to go up on the deck. The wheel, positioned on the starboard side, guarantees a perfect control of the boat in good weather, with an exceptional visibility on the sails. It can also be placed in a low position in the cockpit, to allow crews to sail in the sun or in bad weather under the shelter of the bimini top.


This new model has been designed to make life on board easier in all circumstances. While it benefits from the upgrades of the Outremer 55, such as the different helm positions, the front view from the saloon and the helm bench adapted for two people, the Outremer 52 goes even further. The architectural communication between the interior and exterior living spaces allows for better watchkeeping on board: at the bar area in the cockpit, for example, it is possible to have a meal while continuing to keep watch ahead. At night, watches can be taken from the saloon's bench which was designed in the direction of the navigation.

As for relaxing, it is now possible to do so at the front of the bridgedeck: the fact that the mast has been moved back for better performance also frees up a generous space for lounging. Finally, to optimize the comfort at anchor without compromising the safety of crews during navigation, direct access to the water via the port side skirt is now secured by a one-of-a-kind modular seat.

Comfort on board

Everything has been carefully thought out to allow the enjoyment of every aspect of life on board.

The Outremer 52 is a boat filled with natural light, offering living spaces adapted to long voyages. The common living spaces have been designed to facilitate circulation on board, to extend the feeling of wide-open spaces and to allow for festive moments with family or friends.

The full opening of the bay window allows easy circulation and creates a convivial space between the cockpit and the saloon. The kitchen's work surface is open to the interior and exterior spaces of the catamaran, and will undoubtedly be a privileged place to meet at any time of the day. At anchor or in light weather in the tropics, the four front openings of the saloon allow excellent ventilation of the spaces. The comfort extends to the cabins: the beds are spacious and easily accessible; the windows on the hulls let the light in with a great view of the scenery.

Whether with a small crew or with family, everyone aboard an Outremer 52 will find pleasure in sailing, in enjoying life at anchor or in gathering for more festive occasions!

The Outremer 52 replaces the Outremer 51, of which over one hundred units were produced by the shipyard. It takes its place alongside the Outremer 55*, elected European Boat of the Year and Multihull of the Year in 2022.

Outremer 52 launches at Cannes Yachting Festival

Customised and modular interior designs

At Outremer, boats are designed to order with the option of customisation and modular layouts. Because each home should reflect the uniqueness of its owner, Outremer allows you to choose the function of cabins and the atmosphere. The decoration of the interior spaces can be adapted to suit different lifestyles, while maintaining the same high standards of fittings.

Future owners can choose between three different atmospheres which are materialised by details such as fabrics, colours, finishes for the saddlery, storage, coverings and objects:

Life a cosy, intimate and chic atmosphere

Nomad a peaceful, light and elegant atmosphere

Sportline a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere

To meet the very different needs of each owner, Outremer has designed a modular space called My Free Space. Located in the port forward cabin, this space can cover five different uses:

-a double cabin
-a convertible office with bunk beds
-a modular cabin, with an office convertible into a workshop, a folding bench and numerous storage spaces
-a dressing room
-a child’s cabin

Seaworthy and smart, the Outremer 52 does not compromise between performance and comfort on board. It will be able to adapt to each and every unique desire and to the key moments of a great sailing trip.

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