100th Oyster yacht circumnavigates the world

100th Oyster yacht circumnavigates the world

100th Oyster yacht circumnavigates the world

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26/05/2023 - 09:24

Oyster Yachts has confirmed that with the completion of the Oyster World Rally 2022-23, more than 100 Oyster yachts have now circumnavigated the world. Amounting to more than 2.2 million nautical miles, this is the equivalent of travelling ten times to the moon and back.

"When Oyster Yachts was founded 50 years ago, it was with the aim of creating the ultimate go-anywhere, blue water cruiser, and many of our owners have sailed all the oceans, from the extremes of the Arctic to Antarctica, via some of the most remote islands and atolls in the world," said Oyster CEO Ashley Highfield.

Oyster's current fleet of 50 to 90 foot bluewater cruisers, with many available in shallow-draft options, are ideal rally and long-distance cruising yachts. Offering the ultimate luxury home from home, Oyster yachts come with all comforts and technology modern owners expect, whilst being capable of crossing the worlds' oceans in comfort and safety.

At the ceremony to mark the finish of the Oyster World Rally 2022-23 in Antigua, Event Director Allie Smith awarded Oyster 56-63 Temerity and owner Richard Flaye with a special award as the 100th Oyster to achieve a world circumnavigation. "It's fitting that it was an Oyster 56 which was the 100th yacht," Allie says, "as this is one of the most popular and best-selling models Oyster has built."

The Oyster World Rally 2022-23 started in January 2022, and one of the major challenges was managing the on-going world pandemic. Allie Smith agrees: "We succeeded in running a successful rally during a Global Pandemic, that others decided against." The next Oyster World Rally 2024-25 will depart from Antigua in January 2024, and already has 21 yachts confirmed to take part.

Michael Davie, owner of Oyster 66 Archaeopteryx spoke for the entire rally crew when he said: "I'd like to thank Oyster for launching and organising the Oyster World Rally 2022-23, without which I suspect I would not have been sufficiently organised and timely to buy and prepare my yacht or brave enough to embark on a circumnavigation. It's a challenge with huge rewards."

Whilst many of the Oyster yachts taking part in the Oyster World Rally are new-builds, several have sailed around the world before. Louis Goor on Oyster 655 Irene IV says: "We took delivery of our beautiful Oyster 655 in September 2020 – she was built in 2007 and had taken part in the previous Oyster World Rally.

"The Oyster World Rally is not all about the circumnavigation but about building a community of new friends with similar minds, from all walks of life. We have medics, screen writers, navy veterans, midwifes, teachers, property developers, private equity, bakers, bankers, insurers, and so many more besides. Many of them have now become our lifelong friends having experienced something truly and monumentally unique, together."

The next Oyster World Rally 2024-25 will see 21 Oyster yachts departing from Antigua on 14 January 2024 embarking on a 16-month, 27,000 nm sail around the world. The route heads south to the Panama Canal, before arriving at the Galapagos Islands, and then onto French Polynesia. After visiting the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, the fleet visit Indonesia, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Mauritius, before arriving in Cape Town, then onto the remote island of St Helena enroute back to the Caribbean.

"There are still a few places remaining on the Oyster World Rally 2024-25. It is an opportunity of a lifetime and we encourage anyone interested to make contact as soon as possible," says Allie. "Unfortunately, the lead time for a new build Oyster extends beyond the start of this Rally, but our Brokerage experts can assist participants with choosing the ideal pre-loved Oyster for their needs, and helping with any refits or refurbishments needed to make it the ideal 'home from home' during the adventure of a world circumnavigation."

Oyster Yachts is unique as the only yacht manufacturer to support an exclusive world rally, and it provides a comprehensive pre-event support package to ensure all owners and crews have all the necessary qualifications and experience.

"We help and support our Oyster family through every step of their circumnavigation'" says Allie Smith, "From finding crew, to helping set up systems to run their businesses on-board, to destination guides, technical training, understanding weather and navigation, right through to being a welcoming face on arrival and organising some awesome parties. It's a 27,000-mile support service enabling our owners to have the adventure of a lifetime without all the worry. By having a limited number of yachts taking part we create a real family feel and people will make friends for life during the 16-month circumnavigation."

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