Cantiere del Pardo brings to the water the new VanDutch 56

Cantiere del Pardo brings to the water the new VanDutch 56

Cantiere del Pardo brings to the water the new VanDutch 56

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25/01/2022 - 14:40

New VD 56, the luxury of freedom
Contemporary classicism, timeless lines, elegance and lifestyle. Cantiere del Pardo, on the hull lines designed by Muller Design, brings to the water the new VanDutch 56, the fourh model of the range which, in terms of size, is between 48 and 75 feet in the line of yachts designed and built by the Forlì shipyard, after the acquisition of the brand founded in Holland in 2008. The VD 56 is the synthesis of perormance, design, and comfor — a boat capable of combining exclusivity, the highest quality construction. Made in Italy and the excellence of privileged services required by the owners in the most sought after international locations.

Comfor as the frst destination
Geting on board the new VD 56 is a desire to escape from the daily routine, a desire to be seduced by the charm of the sea, taking advantage of the large volumes on deck to relax in the lounge areas and move safely between the generous spaces of the boat. A dive into the water, relaxing in the comforable sunbathing areas, the freedom to go below deck to rest or for a refreshing moment. The project of the VD 56 has been conceived to allow the owners to live every moment open-air in complete autonomy, but also to share the pleasure of marine life in the company of family and friends thanks to the possibility to board up to 12 guests.

An exclusive island 56 feet long
From sunrise to sunset, then begin other new days at sea and experience the VD 56 as a loft on the sea. The available spaces follow a layout designed to ofer the comfor expected from yachts of larger dimensions. On deck, the backrests of the large aft sundeck are wide and adjustable to relax even during the fastest cruises. The comforable L-shaped sofas located in the large cockpit and completed by a central table ofer a comforable space for breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinners on board. The stern platform, which can be lowered to allow a practical and safe access to the water, is the area that adds an even more lounge atmosphere to the VD 56, bringing guests on a
practical and functional terrace in contact with the sea.

Time to pary? The fun is all inclusive
The bar counter and spacious fridge in the cockpit allow you to prepare snacks and cocktails in minutes, turning the VD 56 into a rooftop where the skyline is made only of waves and sun on the horizon. The comforable cup holders make you forget all thoughts and let you be lulled by the notes of the excellent sound system, together with the difused lighting throughout the deck. Because on the VD 56, as on the other VanDutch  yachts, from Saint Tropez to Miami, the navigation coordinates always lead to the same destination: the joy of living at sea.

Garmin electronics and technology, safety coordinates
The on-board instrumentation bears the prestigious signature of Garmin Marine with EmpireBus technology. That is, the cerainty of being able to face the sea managing engines and maneuvers through an innovative platform for simplifed navigation. The control of the VD 56 is from a single console that includes two 16-inch displays from which you can coordinate the entire home automation of the boat. Among the many features available that can be managed from the command center: the programming of the lighting, audio system and air conditioner. The result: a totally clean and rational dashboard, where the only operational keys are digital, operated from the display for navigation in total safety and maximum comfor.

Volvo IPS engine: it comes true on the VD 56
Innovation is following the evolution of the market in order to always ofer the best to VanDutch owners. For this reason, the VD 56 is the frst model in the range to ofer the Volvo IPS engine, with the aim of furher improving perormance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. But the benefts don't fnish here: this engine also allows for improved ease of use and smoother boat handling. The standard confguration of the VD 56 includes two 800 IPS or, optionally, two 950 IPS.

Interiors with dual layout: open space or privacy guaranteed
The interior of the VD 56 has a dual layout that meets the needs of diferent owners. The "lounge" layout allows to experience the boat as a large open space with a U-shaped sofa and a central table in the bow. In the stern, on the por side, there is a linear kitchen equipped with all the comfors opposite an L-shaped sofa. Dedicated instead to those who prefer more privacy, the "cabin" version allows to have a real master cabin with a double bed at the bow. This second layout proposes, in the aft par of the interiors, the same solution with L-shaped sofa and linear kitchen, with the possibility to add a second  cabin with two separate single beds.

VD 56, endless customization possibilities
Each owner sails with a unique VanDutch. The VD 56, like the other models in the range, can be customized to put an accent of exclusivity over every detail. In fact, a wide range of fabrics and colors is available to give a custom touch to the on-board cushions, as well as an infnite number of colors to give a special personality to the hull paintwork. 

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