VanDutch Center Openings: redefining yacht owners’ experience

VanDutch Center Openings: redefining yacht owners’ experience

VanDutch Center Openings: redefining yacht owners’ experience

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26/05/2022 - 10:33

VanDutch Yachts inaugurates four VanDutch Centers in the most worldwide iconic locations all across Europe and US. Saint-Tropez (France), Miami (USA), Balearics (Spain), and Lake Garda (Italy) are the new flagship sites of the brand renowned for luxury, elegance, and glamour overlooking breathtaking water views.

VanDutch centers are meant to completely redefine the yachting experience, raising the bar well above whatever ever was done before. The goal of the VanDutch brand, recently acquired in 2020 by Cantiere del Pardo, is to create private yachting clubs for VanDutch owners, aimed both at organizing exclusive events and parties, as well as excellent shore and boat care services. VanDutch focuses on delivering the ultimate experience for elite yacht lovers to develop a strong sense of community among local and international VanDutch owners. Other benefits of VanDutch centers are that worldwide VanDutch owners can take advantage of all the services offered by any other VanDutch Center.

This will not constrain the owner to the places where their yacht is moored and will allow them to get the most out of the VanDutch experience. The Invitations at organized events are on international bases and worldwide owners are welcomed to take part in any sea trial and VanDutch party. Moreover, VanDutch yachts are always on display and ready for sea trials.

Our Brand also offers premium services by providing charters to VanDutch owners coming from abroad and visiting Saint Tropez, Miami, Balearic Islands, and Lake Garda destinations. We look forward to welcoming you to the next upcoming VanDutch events, save the dates and jump on board!

- VanDutch Center Saint-Tropez is opening on Thursday 26th May 2022.
- VanDutch Center Lake Garda is opening on Saturday 11th June 2022.
- VanDutch Center Miami opening coming soon.
- VanDutch Center Balearics opening coming soon.

VD Center Lake Garda, Italy - Moniga del Garda

History, elegance, relaxation, exclusive venues, gastronomic and wine heritage, this is just a brief taste of what you can feel and experience in the town of Moniga del Garda. This is the perfect center to explore the beauty of the lake, its lakefront beaches, and local marinas.

The VanDutch Moniga del Garda team welcomes owners in a landscape enriched by Italian style to discover the VanDutch range on display ready for a first cruise.

VD Center Saint-Tropez

In the center of Saint-Tropez, (Quai de l'Epi), one of the most renowned locations in the Mediterranean. VanDutch Saint-Tropez is located in the heart of the old port, surrounded by colorful buildings, crystal clear waters, and stunning beaches Saint-Tropez team is available throughout the year to welcome owners and guests for events, parties, and sea trials with the range available. Moreover, there are dedicated facilities to offer owners the finest nautical services and the Saint-Tropez luxury experience.

VD Center Balearics

A unique center, two of the most attractive and exclusive islands in the top ranking of nautical destinations in the Mediterranean. With more than three hundred days of sunshine, hundreds of kilometers of coastline, breathtaking landscapes, light blue waters, first-class cuisine, and a wide range of outdoor activities. The VanDutch Balearics center offers a premium and comprehensive 12-months-long service.

VD Center Miami

The VanDutch Center Miami, Florida, is located in the most high-end yachting area of the US. It is strategically positioned to serve the needs of both clients in North and South America, including the Caribbean islands.

Today, with this press release Cantiere del Pardo is officially announcing the all-new management team of VanDutch Center Miami to mark the step to a bright new future.

The office will be the ideal place to discover most of the available models and a new starting point to explore the collection of exclusive experiences dedicated to their owners. As well as guaranteeing the ongoing booking of luxury charter services and a calendar of special events throughout the year.

2020-2022: three new models in just two years

From 2020 to 2022, two years have already seen substantial improvements and refinements by the strong Made in Italy spirit of Cantiere del Pardo, worldwide renowned for its craftsmanship, high-end quality, and performance products.
Thanks to the acquisition of VanDutch by Cantiere del Pardo, a series of technical boost-ups have been carried out in the last two years. This is not meant to revolutionize the VanDutch design that continues to fascinate and stand out from all the other conventional yachts.

The goal is to merge Cantiere del Pardo’s boat-building experience with VanDutch glamour and style. The result is to end up having the ultimate luxury motorboat, cool, and elegant in the design but at the same time extremely capable of cruising with outstanding comfort and performance. Several engineering and technical improvements have been implemented, especially to the engine room and cockpit.
Just to quote some of the new updates, the cockpit area has been redesigned to make it more ergonomic and user-friendly. The dashboard allows you to have all the yacht functions under control in one with a single glance with just a touch of your fingerprint.

Twenty-four months that have seen the presentation to the international public of the VD 32, 48, and 56 models: a range capable of satisfying both the needs of a day cruise of a few hours as well as longer legs at sea and which integrates with the other two models of the range: the VD 40 and the VD 75.

The shipowner is at the heart of The VanDutch experience

Today fully developed and manufactured in Forlì in the production headquarters of Cantiere del Pardo, have always projected the exclusive image of boats with unique and timeless design. The proof comes from the continuous interest of the stars like- Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others - who frequently use VanDutch yachts for cruising or for taking part in events of great international renown. A confirmation that adds to the partnerships with other brands such as Dior, McLaren, and Hublot in the creation of a proper showcase of contemporary luxury.

To anticipate the expectations of its owners, in the four new centers between the Mediterranean and the Ocean VanDutch offers an extensive range of services that go well beyond boat service requirements and assistance at sea, covering every need and wish that only the lifestyle soul of the brand can express.


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