Sanlorenzo strengthens its sales network with Sanlorenzo UK


14/09/2020 - 11:57

As the one of the main producers of fine yachts and super yachts, world wide, Sanlorenzo are continuing with a strategy of expanding representation in key markets by establishing Sanlorenzo UK with its UK partner Ancasta Group. With an order book of €613 million, this announcement and endeavour reflects Sanlorenzo’s positive view on the year(s) ahead.

The UK’s long and distinguished maritime heritage combined with it own presence in the marine industry, makes the UK an important market for a leading producer such as Sanlorenzo.

Ancasta Group, with its 35 years of leading the UK yacht sales and service industry is an ideal partner for Sanlorenzo. Sanlorenzo UK will draw upon both Sanlorenzo and Ancasta Group’s significant resource and expertise to provide all Sanlorenzo’s owners with an unparelled level of service and support wherever they may base their Sanlorenzo Yacht.

Sanlorenzo UK, through its presence in the epicentre of British yachting, on the Hamble River, with a further office in London, will ensure that the key values of Sanlorenzo including its industry leading craftsmanship, its ability to tailor each and every yacht to every owners desires and its unswerving commitment to attention to detail and the pursuit of the highest quality. It is these standards and the meeting of these standards that sets Sanlorenzo Yachts apart.

“Sanlorenzo is the leading producer of luxury motors yachts in the 20 – 50 metre sector to such an extent it is now used as the industry benchmark. The design, quality of build and commitment to its owners is unparalleled,consequently we are delighted that Sanlorenzo have trusted the team at Sanlorenzo UK with representing the brand here in the UK. We have a very strong team, well supported, who will ensure Sanlorenzo is well represented in this very important market”

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