Arrow 460-Granturismo

Arrow 460-Granturismo

Silver Arrows Marine in an exciting collaboration with Begüm Yachting

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06/03/2019 - 09:19

The Monaco-based company and Begüm, the leading superyacht and charter agent on the Turkish coast, have agreed a cooperative programme that will ensure the luxury GT-inspired yacht is better represented in the region than ever before. As a fast-growing yachting centre, Turkey has long been an important focus for Silver Arrows Marine.
The move into the country is a bold step into the future but also a nod at the company’s past; the Turkish coast was where a lot of initial research and development, including the prototype hull for the ARROW 000’s sea trials, were conducted.
“The Turkish coast has a great maritime history and a large and growing yachting industry,” said Ron Gibbs, Chairman Silver Arrows Marine.
“With its experience, knowledge and host of innovative customer programmes,  Begüm Yachting is our ideal partner in the region and the perfect company to represent the ‘Mercedes S-Class of the seas’. Turkey is traditionally where East meets West, and we at Silver Arrows Marine see it as a gateway to a world full of new possibilities.”

Begüm Yachting is based in Bodrum where since setting up its charter services in 1994 it has grown to the point where it can offer 24-hour service seven days a week in every port in Turkey.
“Begüm Yachting’s mission is to achieve the optimum quality with the highest level of service to our clients, said Jacopo Spadolini, CEO of Silver Arrows Marine.
“Boat-building in Bodrum may date back around 2500 years but Begüm Yachting is a modern and dynamic organisation. We are a pioneer in developing ties with yacht companies outside Turkey, which is why it is so exciting to work with Silver Arrows Marine on such an inspiring new yacht.” Begüm Dogulu Owner and Managing Director Begüm Yachting.

The tie-up promises a host of customer-facing activities in the region with arrangements now being made for the first VIP event in June.
It is an exciting time for Silver Arrows Marine in other ways too, as product development continues at a fast pace. Designs for the first ARROW460-Cabrio – a unique new ‘convertible’ 14m motor yacht – are due to be revealed by the summer.
Just as with the ARROW460-Granturismo, the Cabrio’s embodies the luxury design Mercedes-Benz philosophy. Once again the design is innovative, elegant, sportive; a way forward design language in the yachting  industry and as with the Granturismo the Cabrio version will feature a wealth of innovative features, hi-technology and a contemporary take on modern luxury. 

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