Jamie Sammut's maltese Solaris 42 Unica wins the Solaris Cup 2023

Jamie Sammut's maltese Solaris 42 Unica wins the Solaris Cup 2023

Jamie Sammut's maltese Solaris 42 Unica wins the Solaris Cup 2023


28/05/2023 - 16:43

The ninth edition of the Solaris Cup ended with the final day of regattas, the prize-giving, and a Sunday dedicated to sea trials. From a sporting perspective, the weather conditions over the past few days allowed for two days of magnificent races, using the small archipelago of islets in the Gulf of Porto Rotondo as a natural theater. Yesterday's race took place on an unprecedented "butterfly" course of about 15 miles, with the fleet circling all the islets, featuring scenic and delicate close passes near pink granite rocks in the turquoise waters of the Costa Smeralda. Yesterday, at 12:40, with approximately 10 knots from the N-NW, the Committee started the second race with a natural challenge represented by the narrow passage between Le Camere and Mortorio. Those who eventually confirmed their victory in the Solaris Cup 2023 had a strong start from here and solidified their brilliant results from the previous day. Thus, the Maltese crew of Jamie Sammut's Solaris 42 Unica returned to the podium, followed by Paolo Buonvicini's Solaris 62 Doug, who despite his age demonstrated remarkable speed, and Maurizio Corati's Solaris 55 Angela, securing the third position.

During the prize-giving ceremony, a prize and recognition from the shipyard were given to all owners and crews who once again showed their affection for the shipyard, coming from all over the world to take part in this event that brings together the Solaris family in Porto Rotondo for the ninth year in a row.

"Organizing this event is a very important commitment for the shipyard," commented Federico Gambini, President of Solaris Yachts. "Just on Saturday evening, we had over 650 guests, but the smiles and enthusiasm of all the participants more than compensate for the organizational effort. The concept of a large family is more fitting than ever, as well as the collaborative work that involved the Solaris team, the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, our partners, and the crews to whom we express our gratitude. From tomorrow, we will start looking towards 2024, a special year that coincides with the shipyard's 50th anniversary and which, I am sure, will be another occasion for a memorable Solaris Cup."

In Porto Rotondo these days, the past, present, and future of the shipyard have been the protagonists of this three-day sports and social event, thanks to the participation of everyone, a consistently generous region, and an unparalleled beauty that has once again proven to be the perfect natural setting for the Solaris Cup.

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