New Anti-Fouling System by Guidi/Tecnoseal

New Anti-Fouling System by Guidi/Tecnoseal

METSTRADE 2016: Anti-fouling system by Guidi/Tecnoseal


09/11/2018 - 15:46

Tuscan company Tecnoseal based in Grosseto, Italy, a leading global manufacturer of anodes for the cathodic protection of pleasure boats, and Guidi, one of the world’s most important manufacturers of marine accessories, producing non-stick valves, sea water intakes, thru-hulls, water strainers and pipe fittings, have joined forces to develop a new anti-fouling system.

With this kit, it is possible to eliminate, within the sea water circuits of boats, the problem of caked-on deposits caused by marine fouling.

All boats suck up sea water when sailing from the sea water intakes: this is then conducted into the sea water circuit of the boat taking any “impurities” with it (particulate, marine growth, micro-organisms, particles of barnacles, mussels, etc.), referred to as “fouling”, which forms inside the water intake.

Fouling can cause the formation of caked-on deposits, reducing the diameter of the pipes (of the cooling, refrigeration or air-conditioning systems), and consequently their capacity, damaging them or in any case reducing their efficiency.

The Tecnoseal-Guidi kit consists in: control unit, anode, water strainer and can prevent the build-up of fouling: the transformer creates an electrolytic reaction that dissolves the anodes (in copper, aluminium or iron) installed inside the strainer.

The dissolution of the anode in the circuit water prevents fouling, eliminating the risk of organic marine deposits: the modular control unit makes it possible to work at a lower amperage and can be interfaced with other electronic systems on-board.

The system was devised mainly for mega yachts and was developed for the shipyards that produce these vessels. Perhaps the most interesting characteristics, however, is the fact that it can be custom made and thus installed on medium sized vessels (10 metres and over) also during storage.

Easy to install, remote control, minimized maintenance, low costs of investment and replacement parts are further advantages of this innovative kit.

By joining forces, these two leading Italian companies in their respective sectors, were able to come up with a high-level solution that combines technology, reliability and flexibility of usage.

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