Enrico Voltolini

Enrico Voltolini

Luna Rossa: the power is in the team, not in the individual


05/04/2024 - 18:40


«Personally, I have always had the tendency to work independently and do things alone. Since I joined Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, however, I realized how within a team your individuality is not important, and your true value is being an essential part of a puzzle, a component of a group. The potential of a team is worth three times that of the individual». With a degree in Nautical Engineering, Enrico Voltolini is one of Luna Rossa's cyclors and is also boat captain of the AC40.

Since childhood he developed a great love for swimming and sailing, which he started practicing on Optimists and on his family’s boat in the summer. «I have always had a huge passion for boats, any kind of boat. Sport-wise, I grew up in the world of swimming until I was 19, when I then moved to La Spezia to study Nautical Engineering. It was then that I was accepted in the "fold" by Valentin Mankin, a great name in Italian sailing, who taught me most of what I know», he explains.

His journey towards competitive sailing was clearly marked: in the Star class (paired with Diego Negri) he won a World Championship as well as one European and two Italian titles, while in the Finn class he took the Italian title in 2021 and boasts a World Championship in the Maxi class. Joining Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in 2018 as trimmer/grinder, Enrico is now part of the AC75 Power Team: «In sailing, weight is always crucial and, on these boats, even more so. Since I weigh over 100 kg I didn’t have access to many roles, so I became a cyclor».

This is not an easy job role, as training includes two to three hours of biking, plus weights, gym and sea training. Every day. And Voltolini happens to also be boat captain of the One Design AC40 monohull with which the youth and women's regattas will be sailed.

«My job is to make sure the boat is ready to do as many days of sailing as possible, so I have to coordinate the various departments to make this happen. At the same time, I have to focus on my training and push hard to keep up with the other cyclors, especially those coming from Olympic rowing. But it’s something I do willingly, because I feel rewarded when I give more to the team than to myself».

Barcelona's event will be his second America's Cup with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

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