3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous from 24 to 25 September

3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous from 24 to 25 September

3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous from 24 to 25 September


01/08/2023 - 15:25

Yacht Club de Monaco is once again putting the spotlight on innovation when it hosts the 3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous on 24-25 September under the aegis of the collective Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting  approach.

"YCM has a mission to be a platform of communication and a place where innovations with potential can be expressed and applicable solutions developed to build sustainability into yachting from now on," explains Bernard d'Alessandri, Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary and President of the Cluster Yachting Monaco.

Organised by M3 (Monaco Marina Management), experts in development, management and promotion of marinas, yacht clubs and sailing schools, the focus of this original networking event is to introduce the latest innovations to encourage development of virtuous marinas. "Faced with today's environmental challenges, we believe a global response from an international perspective is essential. We are convinced that there are many technological solutions out there today that could be deployed in marinas to reduce our impact. This is about boosting innovation levels to support local economies where marinas are significant stakeholders," says José Marco Casellini, CEO of M3.

The meeting is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the government's Extended Monaco digital transition programme for the Principality, Bombardier, MB92 Group and Xerjoff.

An ecosystem of 250+ people representing key players in the sector (entrepreneurs, startups, industrialists, investors, promotors, marina developers and all those involved in yachting) are expected. It is a unique opportunity for those selected to present their low-eco-impact projects in one-on-one sessions during the summer and take part in the International Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards.

Innovation contest for startups and scaleups looks set to be close

Following the International Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards selection committee's meeting on Monday 31st July, Jury members were unanimous about the quality of the candidates identified with innovations that meet requirements driving virtuous marinas. These are reflected in the seven categories retained for 2023: water management, energy optimisation, renewable energy, respect for biodiversity, construction solutions for the coast, waste management and marina management. Of the 600 companies presenting interesting solutions earmarked by positive impact innovation experts, Blumorpho, 50 will be selected. Some have already been approved by the selection committee. Depending on the relevance of their projects they could be put into contact with marinas selected by Monaco Marina Management and architects competing in the ideas contest which this year is a theorical project to hypothetically reconfigure a Beach Club.

Architecture Prize: concrete case to decide the winner

This new ideas competition aims to inspire architects and students to create waterfront projects that are not only attractive and functional but also sustainable. "A marina is above all a living space, a place where people are happy to dream and stay in. We're seeing very creative drafts and design in this area," confides Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the renowned French architect who chaired the 2022 Jury. This year candidates have to propose a theorical project to hypothetically reconfigure a Beach Club, taking inspiration from the existing building and outdoor spaces.

The objective is not only to foster networking between architects and startups but also to design a space which boat users, tourists and local communities can enjoy while protecting the natural environment. The award encourages use of innovative materials, architectural techniques and super-energy-efficient technologies to promote sustainability in marinas. It also rewards outstanding architecture that shows the right balance between functionality, aesthetics and environmental conservation.

A studious summer

Throughout the summer, startups, scaleups, marinas and architects will go through an original selection process that is all part of the networking to take part in the International Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards presented at the end of the event on Monday 25th September.

-1st May – 31st July: E-Catalogue produced

This references 50 startups and scaleups, and 50 marinas and architects. Startups are defined as companies in the development phase while scaleups are those in the growth phase.

-1st August – 8th September: one-on-one interviews with the Jury

To facilitate targeted effective discussions, a Jury comprising industrialists, yachting professionals and investors meet participants individually before introducing them to potential strategic and financial partners.

-From 14th September: Consensus Meetings

(14th Sept: Marinas - 15th Sept: Architects - 19th Sept: Startups & Scaleups)

The Jury selects the winners of the International Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards in the following categories: Startups & Scaleups, Marinas and Architects. For the Marina & Architect categories the public vote will also be taken into account.

The Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous combines sustainability and tech innovation by demonstrating how the two feeds into one another towards a common goal to build the marinas of the future. The concept is now firmly on the agenda of yachting stakeholders and investors who see it as a tangible response to the crisis facing the environment.

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