Besenzoni SpA Headquarter

Besenzoni SpA Headquarter

Customer care: Besenzoni's Senza Pensieri/No worries assistance


05/04/2022 - 14:30

A boat cruise, whether for a holiday, a weekend or just an afternoon at anchor, is all about nature, silence, magnificent sunsets, diving into the sea, in short, everything that makes us think of relaxing and feeling good, leaving everyday stress behind on land. What a shipowner wants is safe sailing and fun with family and friends

Besenzoni knows what it means to give its end customers a premium experience, and that's why it guarantees owners carefree holidays with its 'Senza Pensieri/ No worries” summer programme, seven days a week.

Besenzoni Customer Care - consisting of a team of experts who are always present at the head office, able to assist remotely and in different languages - has only one priority: customer care. Dedicated care, all year round and increased during the summer season to ensure a constant presence, to coordinate the activities of the Services distributed throughout Italy and abroad.

Besenzoni Customer Care
Besenzoni Customer Care

Besenzoni’s Customer Service Division ensures that boat owners can access our after-sales service wherever they are in the world. Over 160 offices providing after-sales support and specialised staff who have been fully trained by the company and have the relevant professional qualifications. Our team are very well informed about our products and are able to find the most suitable and practical solutions for dealing with both simple and complex issues.

Service activities are also essential for periodic maintenance, to clarify any doubts about spare parts or to give advice and suggest effective solutions to keep the products in full working order.

Besenzoni's mission - which remains true to its fundamental values, including stylistic and technological research - is therefore made even more complete and refined through customer service, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of all its products.

A further reconfirmation of Besenzoni's premium services, with a view to prestige and constant innovation.


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