CMC Marine @ Navalia 2024

CMC Marine @ Navalia 2024

CMC Marine at Navalia International Shipbuilding Exhibition


17/05/2024 - 15:51

From May 21 to 23, CMC Marine and Spanish dealer Pasch will be taking part for the first time in the Navalia International Shipbuilding Exhibition, one of the main Spanish boat shows targeting commercial, merchant and transport ships.

This is an unusual market segment for the company, whose expertise in leisure yachting has, however, recently been attracting interest from the commercial vessel sector too.

So this is a perfect opportunity for CMC Marine to introduce a still partially unexplored market to its broad array of products, represented at this show by an HS60 electric fin stabilizer from the Stabilis Electra line. The world’s first electric stabilization system for leisure vessels, this range revolutionised the superyacht sector and is now addressing the commercial and passenger transport vessel market, thanks also to its electronics, which makes it possible to reduce volume and weight while improving performance.

“We will be taking part in Navalia with great interest. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to approach the wider shipping market with our products, which we are convinced can be an effective answer to the need and increasingly pressing demand for technological modernisation on commercial and transport vessels, as well as contributing to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint,” commented Pietro Cappiello, CMC Marine Vice President.”

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