Cleaner, greener, quieter: MarQuip introduces bypass soot filter solution

Cleaner, greener, quieter: MarQuip introduces bypass soot filter solution

Cleaner, greener, quieter: MarQuip introduces bypass soot filter solution


By MarQuip
28/10/2020 - 17:18

Experts in superyacht exhaust systems and silencers, MarQuip is renowned for its innovative engineering answers to modern challenges. Having led the way with solutions for IMO tier III compliance, the Dutch company has now unveiled a new concept for filtering exhaust bypass emissions. This custom-made DPF system will be better for the environment, yachts and crew.

Manoeuvring in closed-in locations like marinas, a yacht’s engines operate in part-throttle mode, with the exhaust system emitting gases above the waterline via a bypass. This inevitably leads to the emission of particulates into the air and onto the hull, however, while the noise levels are higher than those generated below the waterline. MarQuip engineers have developed a smart new Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) system that solves this problem without the need to fit a large soot filter to the main engines. 

Win-win solution
This concept for a significantly smaller and more cost-effective bypass soot filter will neutralise above-the-waterline diesel particle pollution and be much quieter, offering a win-win situation for people and the environment alike. The solution can be integrated onto existing yachts as well as new builds and combined with custom-built third-party Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) installations. 

MarQuip’s DPF system is fitted with a smart control unit that can act on various parameters such as the backpressure, speed and RPMs of the engines. It can be kept relatively small as the amount of exhaust gases when manoeuvring – usually at a maximum of 20% throttle – is significantly less than when going full speed ahead. 
The filter will offer an impressive amount of protection against hull fouling as well as radically reducing potential fume inhalation by crew members on deck. This solution is also much quieter than a traditional bypass, removing the rise in noise levels experienced when switching from below to above the waterline.   

Custom-made systems
“One of the key goals at MarQuip is to use our engineering expertise to address environmental issues in general while improving the working conditions for superyacht crew,” says sales manager Daniel van Drunen. “This new development improves health, reduces the amount of soot particles being released into the air and is significantly quieter. MarQuip can install such a system on yachts of all sizes, tailor-made to the specific requirements of the vessel. It has the potential to be a real gamechanger and will certainly make superyacht owners and captains more popular when manoeuvring in the world’s marinas and harbours.”

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