The rescueME EPIRB2 beacon

The rescueME EPIRB2 beacon

Ocean Signal launches new rescueME EPIRB2 Series


06/07/2023 - 15:45

The new Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB2 and EPIRB2 Pro, the latest additions to the safety and communication specialist's range of advanced safety beacons, are approved and available to the market.

Now shipping to Ocean Signal distributors, the EPIRB2 units with Return Link Service (RLS) and mobile connectivity are full-featured and versatile options for leisure boat owners and commercial operators whether cruising, fishing, working or sailing offshore.

Compatibility with RLS alerting ensures the beacon owner will receive a notification to confirm that the international satellite system has received the distress message and location. With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology introduced with the free Ocean Signal mobile app, beacon owners can connect to a smartphone to check the current battery life, self-test results, and beacon diagnostics.

The rugged, robust beacons, with 10-year battery life, include GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning, 406 MHz Cospas-Sarsat distress signal with MEOSAR compatibility and 121.5 MHz local homing signal.

The EPIRB2 comes with a Category II manual release bracket, while the EPIRB2 Pro is available with a Category I float free bracket.

The rescueME EPIRB2 series beacons have an infrared strobe, as well as visible light, to facilitate rescue in poor visibility or at night.

Carried by a vessel, an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is traditionally activated in a life-threatening event, such as sinking, collision and accident, or even a medical emergency to transmit a 406 MHz distress signal via the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system to contact global rescue services.

The Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB2 series has received Cospas-Sarsat approval, the equipment authorization from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), approval from the U.S. Coast Guard and RED (Radio Equipment Directive) compliance.

SOLAS Vessels that are now required to comply with the new AIS EPIRB carriage requirements mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the new Ocean Signal Category I SafeSea rescueME EPIRB3 Pro is available and fully approved worldwide.

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