Superb sound at sea to debut at Versilia Yachting rdv 2018

Superb sound at sea to debut at Versilia Yachting rdv 2018

Superb sound at sea to debut at Versilia Yachting rdv 2018


11/04/2018 - 11:44

During the 2018 Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous (May 10-13) in Viareggio, Videoworks will present - as world debut - the latest audio products from James Loudspeaker specifically designed for marine applications. In addition the new upgrades to its MyInfo system.

Visitors to the boat show will be able to try out both at the Videoworks stand - M31 Darsena Europa. Book your visit here

High-end entertainment systems are part and parcel of the superyacht experience and owners demand only the very best audio-visual quality. With this in mind, Videoworks has integrated into its onboard systems new solutions by James Loudspeaker, a California-based leader in loudspeakers for outdoor/marine applications that are constructed out of aircraft grade aluminium for strength, sonic performance, and durability:

James Loudspeaker key points

• Aluminium construction

• Flush fitting

• Space-saving design

• High-fidelity audio

• Custom colours

C.110sm-ACTis a 10” in-wall subwoofer with integrated DSP and amplifier.

This unique product is designed to offer smooth, deep bass tocompliment any audio system in a discrete and space-saving design. Complete with a custom coloured, perforated aluminium grille, they can be flush-fitted to be as unobtrusive as possible.

C-806TiM-ACTis a more compact 8” in-wall loudspeaker with integrated DSP and amplifier designed for use where a smaller footprint is required. A no-compromise solution for designers and audiophiles alike, this versatile and sleek speaker delivers undistorted crystal clear highs, a rich mid-range and deep bass notes.

Says Maurizio Minossi, founder of Videoworks:“In the mainstream of Italian quality and excellence of Nautica Italiana, we are very happy to propose at the Versillia Rendez-Vous 2018 solutions with Italian soul and style, in cooperation with the biggest industry players like James Loudspeaker and the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.”

With software and graphic interface developed by Videoworks, MyInfois a fully integrated entertainment-info-domoticsystem able to perform multiple tasks and visualize the information on an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.

Intuitive, user-friendly and customizable, MyInfocan be used to control, CCTV, charting, navigation data, and more. Now even more functionality has been added to the system with the introduction of MyInfo Remotefor cloud access to all the above services. Anywhere, anytime… all you need is an Internet connection.

If owners are away from their yacht, for example, they can view it remotely with the Track & Viewfunction that monitors the route of the yacht over the last 12-24 hours. Furthermore, the “Seagull” feature provides real time, 3D viewing of the boat.

They can do the same with the 3D Info Service functionthat displaysa chart with the current position of the yacht, together with the closest points of interest such as restaurants, shops, local sights, and so on.


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