Videoworks expands its offices in the Netherlands and the US

Videoworks expands its offices in the Netherlands and the US

Videoworks expands its offices in the Netherlands and the US


06/06/2022 - 11:00

With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT, lighting & comfort systems installed on board yachts that sail around the world, Videoworks completes two more important stages in its growth process. The expansion of the offices of the two subsidiaries, Videoworks Europe BV in the Netherlands and Videoworks of Americas, Inc. in the US, marks a further qualitative leap in the company’s international history.

The two companies make the presence of Videoworks in the two countries tangible and are not just a point of arrival, but also a base for further development: the company in the Netherlands was opened in 2016, followed in 2018 by the one in the United States. In the first months of the year, both the Dutch and US offices have more than doubled their area. In 2021, the company had already completed a major expansion of the Ancona headquarters. 

“It is not simply a matter of increasing square meters, but a necessary step to pursue new goals,” says Mauro Frattesi, Managing Director of the international division. “Human resources are also experiencing the same trend in quantity and quality. Today, globally, we can count on over 80 full-time employees, in addition to around thirty external collaborators. These are notable numbers, even for a company that has over 700 systems on board superyachts, built in the over 25 years of its history. Today Videoworks boasts a position of undisputed leadership in its field.” 

A capillary network

“The fundamental resource of the company is represented by our staff,” explains Frattesi. “We believe in multidisciplinarity, our staff have an overview of the technologies used in the various projects they participate in and have the ability to integrate their specialist skills with their colleagues’. This means that the result of their teamwork is much greater than the sum of the individual contributions.”

“This is what it means for Videoworks to be a leader among the world System Integrators,” continues Frattesi. “New yachts are built mainly in Italy and the Netherlands; Turkey has joined as the third industrial hub in recent years. The main geographical areas of use are the Mediterranean and the seas between Florida and the Caribbean. Videoworks has its operational offices in these areas: Ancona, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Viareggio in the Mediterranean, Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. This is why, whatever the area of use of the yachts, Videoworks is able to ensure, with its own direct staff, maintenance, technical support, refitting and continuous training of crews and on-board technicians.”

“This is what it means for us to be international, or rather, global,” concludes Frattesi.

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