Trawlerfest Anacortes 2022

Trawlerfest Anacortes 2022

CMC Marine at its first Trawlerfest Anacortes 2022


06/06/2022 - 10:45

CMC Marine took part in Trawlerfest, the touring event for enthusiasts of this highly popular category of boat in America and one that is particularly suited to the Tuscan company’s stabilization systems. The event was held from May 17 to 21 in Anacortes, on the west coast of the United States, in conjunction with the Boat & Yacht Show organised by this city with a strong maritime tradition.

CMC Marine once again demonstrated the growing attention it is receiving on the US market, attracting particular interest from various industry players including owners, service centers and professionals.

CMC Marine, which has been designing and selling stabilization systems for yachts and superyachts since 2005, continues to explore and expand into new geographical areas, such as the west coast of the United States, which has a centuries-old maritime tradition and is where the company took part in the second leg of Trawlerfest 2022. The touring event held from May 17 to 21 in conjunction with the Anacortes Boat & Yacht Show, in Washington state, was an opportunity for the Tuscan company to showcase the STAB25 fin stabilizer in its WAVELESS line, which is one of the brand’s bestselling products and attracted great interest from visitors.

The event attended for the first time by CMC Marine is always keenly awaited in the United States, where trawlers have been one of the most popular categories for years because a large number of owners love to spend long periods on board and prefer to travel leisurely, in plenty of space and comfort. It is no coincidence that this was the third Trawlerfest attended by CMC Marine. The systems designed and sold by the Tuscan company are particularly suited to this type of yacht, because owners appreciate the ease of use and compact footprint of the brand’s products, which free up more space and ensure maximum comfort during navigation.

Taking a stand to the event confirms CMC Marine’s desire to reach the widest possible range of customers, not only in terms of their geographical location but also of their type, offering a line of products suited to a huge variety of boat categories, from 12-metre motoryachts to superyachts over 70 metres in length, and to both planing and displacement hulls, like those on the yachts exhibited at Anacortes.

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