CMAS Blue Helmets of the Sea in Salerno

Bruxelles, EU Parliament welcomes CMAS Blue Helmets of the Sea


08/12/2017 - 02:33

European Parliament welcomed today “The Blue Helmets of the Sea” delegation, the project developed by the World Underwater Sports Federation (CMAS). EU Parliament member Silvia Costa and vice-president David Sassoli welcomed the delegation in Brussells. "After the Blue Helmets of Culture, even Blue Helmets of the Seas was borned, a project setted up by Anna Arzhanova, CMAS President, in agreement with UNESCO. This is a project unique in the World and it is necessary to remember that all the mankind needs to protect and share its cultural, naturalistic and environment heritages. And it is important that young people who experienced it in tragic conditions, today can live it in a different way, with underwater activities dedicated to cultural heritage. This is certainly an avant-garde experience that I would like to become a European project". David Sassoli, European Parliament vice president, adeed: “I am very happy to welcome the Blue Helmets of the Sea delegation, a very innovative and successful initiative that has allowed many young people to live authentic integration experiences with the concrete opportunity to work together with same ages migrants and with european operators for coordinated programs of reconstruction, restoration and protection of underwater heritage”. Leading the delegation, Anna Arzhanova, CMAS President: “We setted up the Blue Helmets of teh Sea to educate people to protect the marine environment, to promote sea cleaning campaigns and recover underwater hidden treasures. Being received today by the European Parliament represents the real proof that this project is unique, special. And i want to thank all people who attended with us today and all the people who cooperated with us to make this project reality”. Last weeks Arzhanova was awarded with "Meadaillon d'Honnour" by CIO member Franco Acani as recognition for the civil and sporting success of "The Blue Helmets of the Sea" project.
Meeting was opened by the screening of a video that introduced the project "Blue Helmets of the Sea", with testimonies of Italian and foreign migrant/refugee students who in the class held in Salerno obtained the 18-meter depth patent for underwater activity. Wazib from Bangladesh, Kante from Guinea, Mihlad from Egypt and Emanuel from Nigeria shared with italian students the first classes. A class and a project that represent an example of worldwide integration, with Italy offering a chance of experience, with a concrete result: a patent that will allow students to enter in the world of the professions. A concrete example of how Europe can work in sharing and solidarity, with Italy as an example for the other countries. Some of guys told with a great emotion the way with wich they approached the class, scared of the water, which in their past symbolized death: now, instead, it represents a job opportunity to develope when coming back in their countries.

Classes was developed by CMAS, italian federation FIPSAS and Mibact-MigrArti. Paolo Masini, creator and coordinator of MigrArti and counselor of minister Franceschini at Mibact (italian culture minister), also said: “MigrArti and Mibact cooperated with a so special project with the idea of making peace with Mediterranean sea. That sea that too often led to death and tragedy, can become for the future a cultural and environmental opportunity”.

In the delegation also Annino Festa (presidente of the technical commission for italian federation FIPSAS), Eva Avossa (deputy mayor of Salerno), Renato Pagliara (MIUR of Salerno) and Anna Rita Carrafiello (Santa Caterina da Siena director, the school that together with CPIA hosted classes). “We are here in Brussels - Castronovo said – to repeat that refugees fleeing from conflicts are the new civilian victims of war, which should be given real integration. In the name of this project a task force of integration has been established, with sport that with its universal languages encourages a culture of peace. And we want to support this noble project even in the future, through the realization of two new classes in Rome and in Salerno, to train many new Blue Helmets of the Sea”.

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