GKA Kite WT, Coccoluto and Kajiya triumph in Qatar

GKA Kite WT, Coccoluto and Kajiya triumph in Qatar

GKA Kite WT, Coccoluto and Kajiya triumph in Qatar


04/02/2023 - 10:37

A packed house at Fuwairit Kite Beach witnessed the first clash of the season where Bruna Kajiya made an ecstatic return to the top step and Gianmaria Coccoluto’s title defence held firm.

The crew assembled at dawn with big business to be done before the water level dropped too low in this tidal lagoon. While the competition was on hold, by midday a vibrant crowd had already started to amass, with hundreds making the 80 minute drive from Doha to start their weekend early. Almost as soon as the lagoon started to fill again the spectators were treated to full afternoon’s feast of kiteboarding, starting with a big air show from some of the professional athletes to whet their appetite for the upcoming drama of the freestyle finals.

Women’s Final
Qatari crowds were certainly ready to get their first taste of a world class Freestyle final. Claudia Leon, Bruna Kajiya, Nathalie Lambrecht and Mika Sol rocked a great show.

In an emotional twist, 3x world champion, Bruna Kajiya, returned to the top step of an event podium for the first time in two seasons. She put on a truly gritty performance on an eight metre in windy conditions and had a close battle with reigning champion, Mika Sol.

Bruna had opened up with an impressive hat-trick of moves; evidence of how this most experienced of competitors is maintaining such an awesome competitive drive. A textbook back mobe was followed by a backside 313 and a clean slim chance to give her the early advantage.

Mika herself had opened up the heat with a massive slim 5 which would be the highest scoring trick of the final, earning 8.07 points. She then suffered later on by taking three attempts to finally nail a hinterberger 5.

In an emotional interview on the water’s edge right after the result was announced, with teary eyes Bruna beamed, “I think it’s obvious how hard it is for me to find words. I love this sport, To have been doing it for so long and to still be able to feel this emotion means so much. All the girls killed it, and it’s a privilege to compete with them. To be number one again, I don’t even know what to say.”


Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 31.86 (7)
Mikaili Sol (USA) 28.24 (4)
Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) 26.56 (7)
Claudia Leon (ESP) (0)

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