Rom 48 PowerCat: foreseeing the future of perfection

Rom 48 PowerCat: foreseeing the future of perfection

Rom 48 PowerCat: foreseeing the future of perfection

Motor boat

04/02/2023 - 08:11

Introducing the newest and most powerful addition to the Rom Boats range: the state-of-the-art ROM 48 PowerCat. This revolutionary multihull combines speed, stability, and luxury to deliver an unparalleled boating experience, without forgetting sustainability aspects. Powered by hybrid energy and manufactured with green materials, ROM 48 PowerCat boasts twin hybrid engines, allowing for good speed and maneuverability on the water, managing efficiently the necessity of running on gas or only solar energy. This catamaran also features the latest navigation and safety equipment. Whether you're cruising to your favorite spot or reaching distant destinations, this catamaran will get you there quickly and comfortably.

ROM 48 PowerCat also has a spacious and luxurious interior, perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing after a day on the water. The cabins are equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and comfortable bedding to ensure a good night's sleep. The salon area is spacious and well-lit, perfect for socializing or enjoying a meal. Whether you're looking to explore remote beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or simply relax in the sun, this catamaran is the perfect choice.

Main specifications:

Length Hull (no bulb) - 14.60 m
Beam – 7.10 m
Category - B
Number of People – 18
Solar energy – 21 sqm of solar panels
Fuel Tank – 2000 l
Water Tank – 700 l
Twin engines - 350/450HP
Total Power - 700/900 HP
Max. Speed – 35 knots

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