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Presentation of two Baikal 16 CAT units to be scheduled for 2017

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01/08/2017 - 13:17

A trend for the catamarans demand has been gaining within the last years. Every last year the Russians show their growing interest in catamarans. As stated by the personnel of Baikal Yachts Group, a number of potential customers interested in 16-20 m yachts and catamarans have not being actually varied but kept at a similar level. In view of this, the decision was made to design a line of own engine-driven catamarans.

The designers and engineers faced the real challenge when one of the customers made a non-ordinary sale order – to make the catamaran of 16 meters look like that of 20 meters. As a matter of fact, that customer liked the French engine-driven catamaran of 20 meters but it was necessary to design the 16 m unit so that one could feel similar space as that of a large-sized one. In addition to, it was necessary to take into account length and width clearance limitations for transporting such catamaran from Moscow to Omsk by land.

The decision was made surprisingly promptly: it took engineers and designers just 4 days to conceptualize the fundamental idea and to design the exterior visual details. Both the exterior and interior of the catamaran had been designed with due reference to the state-of-the-art yacht-building trends by Maxim Lodkin, a gifted designer, who could create an individual concept of the catamaran model: without any pompousness but featured with a number of specific stylish details. The designers have designed the unit with its space to virtually satisfy all customer requirements. They could create a spacious customized 16 meter compartment to be as comfortable as that of 20 meter catamaran.

Though BYG constructs all yachts and catamarans using steel and aluminum materials, the catamaran exterior and interior structure is designed so that it is visualized as a light-weight unit.

There are 5 leisure zones for a user and his/her guests (cabin, compartment, cockpit, fly bridge, and spacious sun zone at the head) to be of great demand in long-term trips – i.e. everybody can have an individual time on his/her own account.

Several leisure zone design variants will be provided for the compartment that meets different customer preferences. The spacious fly bridge can accommodate all guests who can occupy comfortable sofas and eat their barbeques during a long trip. A number of soft anatomic deck chairs will be arranged at the head where guests can enjoy beautiful sights all over the trip. A personal water craft may be placed on a hydraulic platform of the crinoline between two bathing decks.

“Baikal is one of the purest and the most unique lakes on the Earth. This lake gives the real rapture in every one who arrives there. We would like to achieve similar sensations when looking at the Baikal 16 catamaran and, therefore, we did our best to make it attractive inside” – said Sergey Gryma, CEO of Baikal Yachts Group. “It is time to construct yachts and catamarans in Russia and we suppose that catamarans are far-reaching and promising products” - added he.

At the end of 2016, construction of two scheduled units shall be launched. The first 4 cabin catamaran will be constructed for the Russian user and the second 6 cabin one is intended for using at Israel and Cyprus cruise trips.

By November, Baikal Yachts Group will present draft designs of two 20 meter catamaran models. 

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