Bernardo Zuccon

Bernardo Zuccon

Bernardo Zuccon among the ‘World’s Leading Design Names’ list

Yacht Design

07/03/2018 - 16:52

Zuccon International Project studio celebrates another success with yet another international recognition: the renown English magazine Design et Al included Bernardo Zuccon among the most important designers of our time.

The interest showed by Design et Al for Bernardo Zuccon work confirms how active his career is. 2017 has been particularly significant in terms of new synergies and collaborations. For years, the designer almost exclusively worked with Ferretti Group, among the most recent projects there are Navetta 33 and Navetta 37 designed for CRN, but lately the studio decided to open up to new collaborations.

PY Heritage 45M is the first result of the partnership between Picchiotti Yachts and Bernardo Zuccon. The innovative project was presented in April 2017 and paid tributes to Gerhard Gilgenast, one of the most important architect to have worked with Picchiotti. In the next months, this collaboration will include also the new section of Perini Motore.

Another relevant news is the collaboration with Sanlorenzo, one of the most vital Italian shipyard. We will soon be able to admire Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy and the new generation of fiberglass yachts that will be presented at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018.

Among the qualities of Bernardo’s main activity, we find the ability to integrate new market trends with an up-to-date design, the willingness to invest new resources, time and energy in research and development and his desire to experiment with new materials, shapes and technologies. These are the qualities that granted Zuccon the inclusion in the list from the English magazine.

In particular, the versatility of his work, acquired from his passions from non-nautical fields, like photography and civil architecture, leads him to a multidisciplinary approach. Great relevance is granted to housing flexibility and research on the concept of boat living, starting with the assumption that yachts are really the primary way to experience the sea, regardless of size and model.

The opening of a big office/studio, conceived as a “creative workshop” where experts from different work fields will actively take part, reaffirms the original contribution to the nautical industry given by Bernardo Zuccon’s design studio, which is run by him and his sister Martina. Wellness in the work environment will be granted a primary role in this new adventure, giving co-workers the possibility to spend time on recreational activities, leisure or sports, with the intent of improving the quality of the work.

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