Associazione Marche yachting & Cruising Cannes 2023

Associazione Marche yachting & Cruising Cannes 2023

The Marche Yachting e Cruising Association at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023


19/09/2023 - 07:07

A press conference of the Marche Yachting and Cruising Association was held on 15 September during the Cannes Yachting Festival on board the 45-metre My UV by Palumbo Superyachts.

The first part of the macro-economic study carried out by the Marche Polytechnic University on the importance and trend of the nautical industry in the Marche Region, which is made up of excellences such as shipyards, designers, interior contractors, and suppliers known and esteemed all over the world, was presented to the national and international sector press.

A cluster that brings together 25 companies, excellences of the territory, whose activities have made the Marche region one of the main reference districts for luxury yachts and luxury cruise ships. Companies that alone account for almost a third of regional production.

For a system approach, together with the companies in the sector, speakers included

-          the Marche Region's Councillor for Economic Development Andrea Maria Antonini


-          the Head of the Innovation and Internationalisation Sector Stefania Bussoletti


-          the President of the Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority Vincenzo Garofalo


-          the President of the ATIM Agency for Tourism and Internationalisation of the Marche Region Marco Bruschini 

"The macro-economic research of the Marche Polytechnic University, which will last until the beginning of 2024, helps the Association to better understand the cluster's development dynamics and to give us even more awareness of the cluster as a whole," said cluster President Maurizio Minossi. As AMYC we have been working for two years on training, support for innovation, and relations with institutions; in November," he announced, "we will also be talking about how to attract yachts produced, both for repairs/maintenance and for high-end tourism, again in cooperation with the Marche Region and the Middle Adriatic Port Authority.

The study conducted by UnivPM and presented to the press by Prof. Donato Iacobucci shows a luxury boating sector in the Marche region with 200 production sites and 3,309 employees, 11.3% of the regional total. The sector's turnover, exceeding one billion euros in 2022, is mainly driven by exports, which account for over 90% of sales.

For 2023, the research forecasts a growth in turnover estimated between 15% and 20%: luxury cruise ships is the segment that will register the highest growth according to the macro-economic research. The nautical and cruise production is characterised by the relevance of products and services purchased from specialised suppliers and about 80% of the activities are entrusted to the supply chains of subcontractors in the area.

74% of sales by specialised suppliers are to companies operating in the yachting and cruise sector. Furthermore, specialised suppliers operate not only in the local market but also nationally and internationally, acting as a bridge for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the region and the global market.

Due to the strategic nature and importance of the sector, Councillor Antonini emphasised that the region will soon set up a round table between the public and private sectors to share projects and objectives and to develop the region and common policies.

As he explained, 'the sector moves something like 1 billion euro in our Region alone, creating employment and involving numerous production chains, so we are studying solutions to support this important sector, a flagship of our economy.

Councillor Marco Maria Antonini recalled that there is already a financial instrument available to the sector: it is the first call for tenders, issued under the new 2021-2027 ROP ERDF 2021-2027 programming, for 45 million on research and development that large companies can also access. A 28 million euro call for tenders will also be issued shortly to support innovation and product or service diversification projects involving innovative solutions based on the 'twin transition'.

The Region's commitment is direct on the logistics and infrastructure front. "We have opened a dialogue with the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea and with nautical companies to understand their needs and to share useful strategies for the further development of this sector".

Among the strategies that the councillor intends to pursue is the production of green hydrogen in the Marche region, from renewable sources.

The presence of the Director of ATIM (Marche Tourism and Internationalisation Agency) Dr. Marco Bruschini testifies how luxury ship-building and then such ships in operation can be an important territorial promotion of hospitality and tourism.

Likewise, the Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority supports the development of the shipbuilding industry in the ports of Ancona and Pesaro. Quoting President Vincenzo Garofalo: "Shipbuilding is part of the identity of these ports and has developed a strong network of manufacturing companies, well represented by the Marche Yachting and Cruising association. We are convinced of the added value of shipyards in ports as hubs that attract qualified professionals and stimulate innovation. That is why in port planning there is a specific focus on the development of this sector'.

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