Marina d'Arechi the ideal port of call in the Amalfi Coast

Marina d'Arechi the ideal port of call in the Amalfi Coast

Marina d'Arechi the port of call to cruise in Costiera Amalfitana


03/06/2019 - 21:49

The Amalfi Coast, consisting of 25 miles of rocky coast, extends from the city of Salerno to the promontory of Capo Campanella. Thanks to its natural and scenic beauty, it is certainly one of the favorite tourist destinations in Italy and the Mediterranean. The majority of tourists visits the Amalfi Coast mostly by car and on foot, along a narrow and winding road that runs it along completely. Anyhow it is only by boat that you can really enjoy its incomparable and breathtaking views, unique glimpse, hidden bays and beaches, mostly unattainable by land.

Not only nature, but also history and culture, as showed by the numerous Saracen sighting towers that will be easy to meet along the coast, or the fishing villages, sometimes literally clinging to the cliffs or embracing small sandy coves, carved by time and a sea always blue.

All this spiced with the typical hospitality of the Mediterranean people: these are the main ingredients that make the Amalfi Coast a unique place in the world, capable of attracting sea lovers and especially many yachtsmen during their summer cruises.

Many of them rely on the opinions of the most experienced people and ask for information, especially through social medias, about the sailing experience they are about to do, looking for good suggestions on where to find a safe landing place in the area which is also capable of offering adequate services for their boats and owners. Our best advice is to stop in Salerno, a city plenty of services, opportunities, events, places and recreational occasions. Furthermore, Marina d'Arechi is the ideal port of call from which raise anchor toward the Amalfi Coast. It is a difficult place to forget: inaugurated in 2012, modern and efficient in terms of structures, beyond its 1,000 berths, it offers an area of 7,000 square meters destined to launching, hauling, storage, maintenance and refitting, equipped with a travel lift capable of lifting boats up to 220 tons. What is more, you can count on services that boat owners can request for themselves and their guests, worthy of a real luxury resort. In addition to many sport and recreational activities organized inside and outside the Marina and a rich program of summer events liven up by music, shows and gastronomy, the port village is supplied by restaurants, lounge bars, clothing stores and ship chandlers, fitness area and much more.

Are you planning your cruise? Then stop on the Amalfi Coast and moor at Marina d'Arechi!

And if you decide to stop for a longer time, you can transform the amount of your transit into a down payment for a seasonal or annual mooring contract.

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