Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro unveiled its calendar for the upcoming season


20/01/2020 - 15:38

Porto Montenegro, the Mediterranean’s leading luxury yacht homeport and marina village, revealed its events calendar for the year 2020 at Boot Dusseldorf, the world’s largest indoor boat show.

“We are happy to share our plans for another season,” says Danilo Kalezic, Senior PR and Marketing Manager at Porto Montenegro. “Our entire team worked really hard to encapsulate, arguably, one of the most action-packed and dynamic calendars in the project’s history. At the same time, it is well-balanced and diverse including various events and competitions both on water and on shore. From regattas to festivals, and from hackathon to business conferences, we have a lot to offer to our owners, clients, and guests. See you in Montenegro.”

Perfect sailing

Set in the middle of the Mediterranean in some of the most sought after cruising grounds is the small relatively undiscovered gem, Montenegro. The pristine, unadulterated splendor of this country is like no other. It lies between Italy and Greece and shares boarders with Serbia and Croatia. Its unspoilt interiors and dramatic mountains slip into the deep azure waters of the Adriatic, along 295 kilometers of coastline.

Montenegro to Venice in 2 weeks
Montenegro to Venice in 2 weeks

Despite its natural beauty and central location, Montenegro has only recently experienced an upsurge in the popularity it enjoyed in the 1950s and 60s. Then a haven for film stars such as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Kirk Douglas, 21st century Montenegro is again, re-establishing itself as a high-end destination.

“Still undiscovered gem of this part of Europe, it is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed in as one of the most memorable stops on your charter journey,” says Tony Browne, Marina Director at Porto Montenegro. “Moreover, our marina is just a day’s sail from some of the Mediterranean’s best cruising grounds, including over 4000 islands dotted along the coast from Croatia down to Greece - making it the ideal starting point for yacht charters.”

Montenegro to Venice in a week
Montenegro to Venice in a week

In order to keep bolstering its reputation, Porto Montenegro included several regattas in the 2020 calendar. The season begins with the Grade 2 Match Race (May 8-10) as a part of the European Match Race Tour and ten teams will compete against each other on J70 boats. Then Porto Montenegro Yacht Club also organizes several other competitions, among them the Trans-Adriatic race (May 13-17) from Porto Montenegro to Bari, Italy, the Arsenal Cup (July 11), the Fasinada Cup (July 21-22), Montenegro’s biggest international sailing regatta, and the Thousand Islands Race (September), a course of 300 miles, between Croatian Port of Rijeka and Tivat.

Buzz and fun

The onshore part of the 2020 calendar of Porto Montenegro is as strong and inspiring as ever. The Polo in the Port (August 6-8), International Fashion Festival (July 24-25), Superwine festival (July 4), the Made in New York Jazz Festival (June 12) and some other iconic events are back again. Some new activities are added as well.

Superyacht Winter Games (February 7-9 in Kolasin and March 27-29 in Tivat) are among key new events to be organized by Porto Montenegro. It is a two-part sporting and entertainment event for captains and crewmembers. Spark.me (May 30-31) is a new conference merging business and innovation. The Mediterranean Notes Festival (June 20 - July 4) is taking place in Porto Montenegro for the first time with the amazing Nigel Kennedy & the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra headlining the lineup.

Key lifestyle events at Porto Montenegro in 2020

February 7-9 and March 27-29 - Superyacht Winter Games

May 27-29 – Hackathon in the Port

May 30-31 - Spark.me conference

June 12 - Made in New York Jazz Festival

July 4 – Superwine 8.0

July 24-25 - International Fashion Festival

August 6-8 - The Polo in the Port

June 20 - July 4 - Mediterranean Notes Festival

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