© Nico Martínez/Copa del Rey MAPFRE

© Nico Martínez/Copa del Rey MAPFRE

The Copa del Rey MAPFRE registers over one hundred entries


29/05/2024 - 12:06

Two months ahead of the 42nd edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, the competition has already registered over one hundred entries. Noteworthy is the fact that more than half of the teams registered belong to the ORC class, proving their vouched interest and support of the European Championship being organized by the Real Club Náutico de Palma and the Offshore Racing Congress in 2025 for the 43rd edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE.

The remaining half of entries to date are divided into the 25 teams within the J/70 class, whose World Championship will be hosted at the RCNP from 13th to 22nd September. The other 25 teams are made up of the ClubSwan 50 and 42 classes, as well as the novel Women’s Cup class with its Round Robin format, involving a fleet of equal boats in rotation that has 11 teams registered.

“Every year the Copa del Rey MAPFRE proves its healthy standing with over one hundred teams entered,” affirmed Rafael Gil, President of the Organizing Committee and the Real Club Nautico de Palma. “The decision to host the ORC European Championships in 2025 and the J/70 World Championships this autumn, enables us to see not only a great number of entries two months ahead of the competition, but among all the different teams including the ClubSwan and the Women’s Cup, a very high level of experience and sporting quality, which reaffirms the international standing of the 42nd edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE”.

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