Fiart models at the main European fairs

Fiart models at the main European fairs

Fiart models at the main European fairs

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29/05/2024 - 14:42

Spring and early summer are more than ever full of events for Fiart and its dealers, who have chosen to be present extensively, in various events and nautical fairs in Italy and Europe, to allow the public to see and experience up close its models of the Seawalker and P lines.

“We are very satisfied with the sales trend in this first part of the year, we are sold out on all lines, including the P line.” declares Giancarlo di Luggo, CEO of Fiart“To date we have produced - and will deliver by the end of the summer - 40 boats. The Seawalker range is present in Italy and throughout the world thanks to a network of qualified dealers, who offer their experience and professionalism through various sales and assistance points, before and after the purchase of the yacht, guaranteeing an effective and punctual service to end customer”.

After its commitments in Spain, Slovenia and Switzerland, Fiart returns to present the Seawalker models on the Adriatic Sea.

For the first time, two models from the walkaround range will sail the waters of the Serenissima, on the occasion of the Venice Boat Show.

There are two partners involved in this case, Nautica Ostuni for Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneziana Yachting for Slovenia and also two Seawalker models that will be admired in the Arsenal basin: the Seawalker 35 which will be joined by the Seawalker 43.

Seawalker 35, the smallest and most maneuverable of the fleet, a vessel with generous dimensions, was designed as a daily cruiser but is also an excellent ally for longer journeys. 

In just 9.99 meters (11.52 meters overall), up to 10 people can comfortably fit while sailing and 4 for the night, with a comfortable owner's cabin, bathroom with shower, additional space for two beds.

Seawalker 43, the founder of the fleet, is a very flexible walkaround, an enveloping and comfortable boat with a revolutionary layout.

It is 13.84 m long and 3.99 m wide, externally inviting you to live or rather co-live in extremely generous spaces.

Below deck, the aft cabin has a height of 1.80 m, approximately 30 cm more than similar boats, which is added to the bow area dedicated to the owner with a height of over 2.00 m and a double bed. Common to the entire range is a large bathroom with separate shower cubicle.

The wholeSeawalker range can be customized thanks to the Bespoke project, a Fiart idea that allows the shipowner to choose from a wide spectrum of layouts, colours and combinations of the hull, T-Top and accessories, in addition to the typology and colours of teak, internal and external upholstery, fabrics, quilting and stitching, to build a boat in the image and likeness of the shipowner, absolutely unique and unrepeatable.

At the beginning of summer, the luxury custom line, the P Line, the result of the collaboration with the architect and designer Stefano Pastrovich, will also be talked about.

The last unit produced of the P Line will land in Monte Carlo with the dealer All Dutch Yachting, exclusive for the Monte Carlo area.

There is great anticipation for the flagship of the Fiart range, a vessel which, thanks to aesthetic and functional choices, in just 16.65 meters is able to offer generous volumes, which guarantee the owner and his guests a feeling of privacy and intimacy.

P Line is a luxury custom range with attention to every detail, with sophisticated environments furnished with precious essences and elegant fabrics, suitable for a demanding clientele who loves beauty.

Liveability, the central philosophy of this project, is expressed in all environments, starting from the loose external furniture, where the spaces can be furnished and configured according to the owner's needs.

The layout of the third unit of the P Line features two spacious master cabins and three bathrooms, with dedicated shower cubicle and separate toilet.

Fiart will be present in Monte Carlo on Saturday 15 June at the Mercy Ship Gala, a charity event organized by three Monte Carlo based entrepreneurs, including the partner All Dutch Yachting, to raise funds to support Mercy Ships, a global humanitarian aid organization that assists the most remote areas by providing health services and necessary surgeries. Aboard the floating hospital off the coast of Africa, a crew of volunteers ensures crucial surgeries are performed.

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