Attwood Introduces the New, Enhanced Tsunami Bilge MK2

Attwood Introduces the New, Enhanced Tsunami Bilge MK2

Attwood Introduces the New, Enhanced Tsunami Bilge MK2


By Navico
24/01/2023 - 17:07

Attwood, a leading water systems expert, is proud to announce the arrival of the Tsunami Bilge Mk2.  This improved Mk2 model is a powerful, rugged, non-automatic Bilge pump with better protection against water ingress and electrolysis than the previous version and provides more flexibility for customers through many enhanced features.

Eliminating air locks

Using Attwood’s patented X-Air Impeller, the Tsunami Bilge Mk2 is the only non-automatic bilge pump that can eliminate the common problem of air locks, making it highly reliable. The key innovation in the X-Air Impeller uses centrifugal forces to respond to increased pressure build up (air locks) in a pump, and eject air trapped in the pump and hoses. This means that the pump motor will not run dry and burn out as it continues to try and move water and protects the pump and the boat’s battery from overuse. Additionally, a tricuspid check valve also helps prevent water from backflowing through the pump.

Simple installation and maintenance

The Tsunami Bilge Mk2 is designed to be simple to install and service. It has the unique facility of being able to replace the pump motor cartridge using a one-handed release mechanism, with no pipe or hose removal required, making it convenient and quick when trying to access the pump if located in a hard-to-reach area of the boat’s hull.

Furthermore, a 90° rotatable elbow outlet hose allows users to install the pump anywhere in a full 360° orientation, making the pump well-suited to vessels with limited space in the bilge areas. The housing is easy to remove to clean the filter at the base of the pump.

Reducing time and effort during installation for both boat builders and boat owners, the Tsunami Bilge Mk2 has external mounting feet, removing the need to remove the base of the pump to access mounting points inside. Also, the Mk2 usefully shares a universal footprint with the Mk1 version, meaning boat owners can seamlessly upgrade whenever they wish.

“We are delighted to bring the Attwood Tsunami Bilge Mk2 to the market or both OEMs and the aftermarket,” said Simon McFarland, Product Manager, Performance Components at Navico Group. “When compared to the Mk1, the Tsunami Bilge Mk2 is easier to install and service. The Tsunami Bilge Mk2 is a breakthrough in reliability and durability in the non-automatic bilge pump market.” 

Choosing the right pump

Virtually all boats end up with unwanted water in the bilge, which must be removed. Leaving large amounts of water in the bilge of a boat can have several undesirable effects, including destabilizing it, distributing spilled fuel throughout the bilge (where it can attack electrical wiring), and promoting the development of osmosis in fiberglass hulls. Therefore, having a high-performing bilge pump that will not get affected by the environment it is in whilst getting the water out effectively is vital. The Tsunami Bilge Mk2 provides superior protection against harmful corrosion, that could otherwise lead to pump failure.

Pumps are rated on the number of gallons/litres they can pump in an hour. It is highly recommended that the largest model that is still practical for a boat is chosen. It is also important to consider the size and capacity of a boat's wiring and battery, as well as the output hose. Consideration should also be given as to whether a boat has separate bilge compartments as a pump may be required for each one.

Suitable for vessels up to 24m in length, the Tsunami Bilge Mk2 comes in three models. The T500 model is suitable for boats up to 6m in length and available in 12V, the T800 and T1200 are suitable for boats up to 24m in length and are available in both 12V and 24V.

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